Friday, 14 February 2014

Whew!!! Quilt #13 already ")

Well here we are 5 weeks back at work and I am already at 
Quilt #13...Time definitely flies when you are having fun....
Music turned up and Quilting away is my type of Fun ")
anyway enough about me 

This Quilt Belongs to Lynda.E of Kingaroy and it

is her first in over really it was like Lynda was 
starting all over again...This Quilt was a pattern I designed back in 2010
called "The Bakers Dozen" 
it has been very popular over the years for Beginners.....
it took Lynda almost 5 months to get it all finished... almost every week 
she came to classes and done a Block...all 13 blocks...

she is making this quilt for her dad as a belated Christmas present :)
and it was looking like it might turn into a birthday present...
so to avoid this I got cracking and got it quilted this week for Lynda..

we used a Black cotton top and bottom 
with cotton wadding...we use a all over pattern called 
"Wave on Wave"

as you can see from the pics it has turned out just gorgeous...
when I handed this quilt over to Lynda I thought she might 
cry...Tears of Happiness that is LOL...

She was thrilled to pieces to see her quilt all ready for 
binding...So Lynda has just left with quilt in hand and will 
be back on Monday for her How to put her binding on Class 

People often ask me why I do what I do...
and my friends the above story is exactly why I love Quilting ") 
and Helping people to get their masterpieces finished 
and out on Display where they should be...not in some 
cupboard some where never being appreciated :) 

Now moving onto my next Quilt 
till next time 
Happy Quilting ") N

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