Monday, 31 March 2014

Quilt # 23....WoW

WoW  where dose the time go we are already at the end of March 
can not believe it...time really dose frly when you are having fun ") 

anyway I have been at it again this time I have been Quilting 
for Debby's S of Nanango Qld

Debby amazes me with her ability for patch working 
she just loves it and you can see it in her work 
this week I will be blogging about her 2 latest quilts 
these quilts are great as they are stash busters 
and lets face it we all have an ever growing 
stash...I believe mine breeds in the basket LOL

anyway on the first one for the week I used a variegated 
thread in rainbow colours to match the brightness of the quilt 
we also have used an all over quilting design
of Butterflies...very cute even if I say so myself 

and Debby has added some applique flowers to the front 
just to dress it up a bit :) 

and on the back she has appliqued a Butterfly on the back 
instead of a label :) :) 

Love the colours in this quilt and would make any room pop 
with cheerfulness :) it will be one lucky Princess that receives this 
quilt :) 

thank you Debby for letting me be a part of your Quilting Journey :)
Happy Quilting ") N 

now to get going on Debby's next quilt another 
great stash buster quilt :) 

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Quilt #22 WoW Mail Order Quilting Picking Up ")

As the title of the post suggest 
the mail order side of my Business is 
really starting to pick up 

this particular quilt has came in from 
Barcaldine Queensland 

Margaret found me through by way of a
gift certificate...that her Daughter won 
during an charity Auction for a lady here in Kingaroy 
that was trying to raise money to get back to 
Canada to see her Mum that was extremely ill
with cancer and was not going to make it...
and with the help of some Facebook Based businesses 
she managed to raise the money for her return airfare
 YaY for Facebook

Margret sent her Quilt to me to finished it off for her...
with a game of Facebook Email tag 
with pictures of patterns and suggestions 
we finally decided  what we were going to do 
we used a cream cotton top and bottom 
and we used a spiral all over quilting pattern 

i just love this design
and love the colours 

you can see here the finished Quilt 
now it is off to its off home to Barcaldine
where Margaret will put the binding on 

Happy Quilting ") N

better get cracking onto the next on 
a big one it is King Size Quilt :) :) 

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Quilt #21 Australian Tea Party

Well it has been a while since my last post on what we have been doing here at 
Darvanalee Designs,
I can tell you this is not through a lack of work as 
we have been very busy here with quilting and classes 
:) Lots of fun being had by all....

today I thought I would share this gorgeous quilt 
that was came to via my mail order service :) 
from St George Qld 

Gwen informed me that she was very keen to have the 
quilt finished asap as it is going into the local 
agricultural show in St George...

so after some lengthy discussions about what we were going to
quilt her gorgeous quilt...we decided to go with 
what as suggested in the pattern 
as there was so much Applique on the quilt
so micro stipple and larger stipple on the borders it was...

So a couple days later the quilt arrived safe and sound  YaY for Australia Post :) 
after unpacking Gwen's Quilt...which i might add the Pictures that I seen of it 
really did not do this quilt was soo beautiful...
as it was a mail order quilt and it arrived on a Friday and my Machine 
was free I loaded it in and got to quilting :) 

as you can see we try to blend the cotton as best as we could match 
it the background fabric...not always an easy feat but we got there
here you can see some of the work that has been done to it....

then it was finished out of the machine and trimmed and 
packed back up and heading back home 

Gwen received her quilt back home Safe and Sound 
and promptly rang me to tell me a big thank you 
and that she loved the work...

we are now waiting for the Picture to come through 
of the finished Gwen is putting on 
all the Embellishments as I type :) 

Happy Quilting ") N
Better get cracking and get onto the next quilt 
for Margaret ") 

Monday, 17 March 2014

Quilt #20 Christmas wall hanging

well I am a running a bit behind schedule 
at present with my Blog post...
and as for Tutorials well what can I say...maybe 
next week :) 

But for now I have been busy getting all the quilting 
done and preparing for Classes 

I finished this last Wednesday 
so better late than never right LOL 

anyway this is a class that we did last year 
Jenny was not able to join us 
so she got her kit and toddled off home 
to do it...we she has been very busy with 
birthdays and getting herself Engage to 
the Love of her life Micheal :) :) 

So she decided that she need to get this done and 
dusted before she moved back to Brisbane to be 
with her man :) 

we used a white cotton top and bottom 
and with an all over design of Snowflakes 
this beautiful star will take pride of 
place this coming Christmas in her 
new home with her new Love and Life 

Congratulations to both of you
and we here at Darvanalee Designs 
wish you all the love and happiness you 
both deserve :) 

we are going to miss your smiling face and little giggle here in class 
but we know that you are excited to be moving in with your man 

and as for me now onto my next Quilt a love 
Applique Quilt all the way from St George Qld :) 

Happy Quilting ") N

Thursday, 13 March 2014

At it again Quilt #19

Oh My what a week it has been I have 
been busy quilting and sewing up a storm and 
still more to go...

things are starting to pick up pace here in 
Kingaroy Queensland with the local Agricultural shows 
starting to get under way...and that
can only mean one thing for me 

Quilting Quilting Quilting 
and you know what I would not have it any other way 
I love what I do that is for sure....

anyway enough about me ") 

Lets talk about the quilt that I have just finished 
for Debby.S of Nanango Queensland 
a beautiful Red and White Quilt
I love these Colours 
although if you asked Debby she would say otherwise
But she has made this Quilt for a Friend that Loves Red 
and I think that she had done a fantastic job
we used an all over pattern called "wave on wave" 
it is proving to one of our favorites :) :) here 
at Darvanalee Designs :) 

We used a white cotton as it blended the nicest 
and as you can see it has turned out just 
divine :) I love it....

it has now been picked up and is getting the binding on 
and then it will be off to its new home soon :) 

thanks again Debby for letting me be apart of your 
quilting journey 

I love seeing all your lovely quilts you are one very talented lady :)
Happy Quilting ") N


Monday, 10 March 2014

Quilt #18 WoW What a Big One

Wow This one big Quilt 
I don't Often see Margaret as she 
has her own Longarm Quilting Machine

But last week Margaret came to me with this beauty 
Boy was it big :) 

this quilt is for her son's
 new home :) 

I love design of this quilt so much work has 
gone into it...

for the Quilting Margaret wanted to in ditch around each 
block...and the borders had waves on the fabric
so she asked me to just follow the lines 

it was not something that I had ever done before 
as most want feathers...but as she said it was for her 
son :) waves it was :) 
we used a Variegated
 Mocha thread 
and it blended nicely 
you can see the waves on the fabric 
in this pic >>>>>>>>>

So here you can see the finished was so Big that it took up nearly 
all of my Quilting Frame..
But I am happy that I have the size that I have 
as I would not have been able to help 
Margaret Finished her gorgeous Quilt for her

as for me now onto the Next one 

Happy Quilting ") N

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Monthly Newsletter March 2014


Darvanalee Designs Quilting Service
Singer Sewing Machines
Monthly Newsleter March 2014

Well another month has past and we have been very Busy
creating and quilting up a may have notice that I have been posting 
Pictures here and there
of the wonderful ladies that have joined in the fun in class on a weekly basis

Unfortunately this Month I have had to raise the cost of one of
our classes “Sit’n’Sew UFO” I was only charging $5 for this class
but due to rising cost of  this class will now be inline with all other
classes $10 per class plus materials…
this class fee still includes
Morning Tea
which includes coffee/tea /herbal teas
and we do like to put on a nice spread

We have some more exciting classes scheduled for this month too…
we have everything from BOM (block of the Month) to Bags and quilts
we even have a wall I am sure that there will be something for everyone

at the end of this Newsletter there is a Calendar that for you to print off and keep handy
so you know what we have coming Up :) :)

Every Monday we are running the Following from 9.30am to 12.30pm

“ Free Get to know your Machine” classes for those that have purchased 
Singer Sewing Machines this a great way to get comfortable with your New machine
I recommend this to anyone who has purchased a machine from us here at
Darvanalee Designs

“Beginners Class” 9.30am to 12.30 pm
$10 plus Materials
we start off with some small projects
in these classes you will learn your basic sewing
skills...we mainly focus on Home Decor
things that are useful around the home…
You will learn to use the some of the different feet that come with
your machine and also use some of those stitches that
you have no idea what to use them for :)

“Sit’n’Sew UFO’s” 9.30am to 12.30pm
$10 per class
I often get asked what is a “Sit’n’Sew UFO class this
its not a class as such it is where you have things that
want to get finished or maybe just looking for a little help
with a is a great way to have some company while you sew
and some even come just for some inspiration :)

We have had a Overwhelming response to our
Block of the Month” that we run on the first Friday of each Month that 
we are now opening
this up to Monday Mornings for those that have missed
out on a spot for Fridays
Please Ring Nicole on 4163 6631 or 0429 55 1970
for more detail…
we would love to see you there

Friday Classes
We have some very exciting Classes coming up this Month


The First Friday of Every month we run our
“Block of the Month” Class
$10 plus Materials or
just bring along some of your
ever growing stash
“Bookings are Essential”

This Month we are focusing on Pre-Cut Fabrics in our
Funky Friday Classes on the
$10 plus Materials  
14th of March we are
running a “It’s A Charm Handbag” class
as the name suggest we are using
charm will need lining and wadding
for the handbag
Please Phone Nicole for Details on
Class requirements

21st of March we are running
Our take on a
“Quilt’a’Garmi” Lap Quilt
$10 plus Materials
this week you will need a Layer Cake or Similar
you might have some in your stash :)
and some fabric for a border if you wish :)
Please phone Nicole on 46163 6631 or 0429 55 1970

On the last Friday of each Month we run our
“Template Class”
this Month we are using the “Wacky Web” template
(these are available to buy in store)
“Wacky Wonky” Wall Hanging
$10 plus Materials
Phone Nicole For more Details on
4163 6631 or 0429 55 1970

All Classes are filling up fast
so get in quick and book your spot or spots :)


Sewing Machine News
Mothers Day Specials have just started
Drop in Store for some amazing Deals ...Not sure what to get
Mum this Mothers Day...Don’t Worry we have that Covered
“Gift Certificates” are available for purchase…
we also offer a “LayBy” Service too
Sewing Machine Servicing is
still happening every month
check out the calendar for the Dates
it is better to Drop your machine in the day before as
he arrives before I open on the is usually 48 to 72 hours before I call you
to come and pick up your machine :)

**Just a Quick Note
with Easter coming Up next Month
I will be closed  Friday 18th of April
and Re-open on the Monday the 28th of April**
for Classes as Usual :)

Don’t forget to click on the Calendar picture and print it out for your
reference over the Month
Bookings are Essential

******We are taking expressions of Interest for a Wednesday Evening Class
for Darvanalee Designs to run this extra Class I would need at least 5 firm
bookings :) I was looking at running it once every 2 weeks
from 6pm to 9pm
$10 plus Materials
Please phone Nicole  on 4163 6631/0429 55 1970

Happy Quilting “) N