Saturday, 31 May 2014

Cross Hatch Heaven Quilt # 43

To we are working on Sandra.W's

This one is a little different this is a one piece
quilting..not something that i do very often 

today we have been doing cross Hatch over the entire Quilt 

this Quilt is a King size quilt 
as you can see it took up a lot of room  
Sandra will, when she takes delivery of the quilt 
will be adding some rainbow Dresden Plates 
all over the quilt..

I believe this quilt is for her daughter
this was the first time i had ever done anything 
this big with just cross hatch pattern 

I can say this i have learnt a lot from this project 
I found it a little difficult as we were working black and 
stitching with black cotton 
I got there in the end and i can't wait to see the 
end result with the Dresden plates on the quilt 
But it was a good experience 
And I did learn one thing I needed to get myself glasses for my eyes
are getting very sore by the end of the day.

So now I have also looked at getting better lighting  for my machine

I will add more pictures as they become available 
from Sandra.W 
so I better get cracking onto the next quilt 

Happy Quilting ") N

Monday, 26 May 2014

Blue Heaven Quilt #42

Today we worked on Lisa.A of Kingaroys 
quilt...this lovely Blue quilt of simple 
squares and rectangles is just divine

This is Lisa'a 2nd quilt that i have quilted for her 
and both of them have been blue 
they have been created for her Son's

we used a blue backing 
with planes of different types on it 
called Up and Away :) 
as her boys just love 
planes I have been told 

we used a cloud all over pattern 
to tie all the aspects of the quilt 

we used a variegated thread of different 
shades of blue some of the quilt it 
disappears and on the border it just Pops ")

as you can see from the pictures this was 
a good size quilt 
and it turned out just lovely 

I am  sure that this quilt will be loved by her 
some for many years to come :) 
as the design both patchwork and quilting
will grow with them :) 

I better scoot and get onto the next quilt 

Happy Quilting ") N

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Here Kitty Kitty Quilt #41

Here we are at quilt #41 
today we are looking at 
Janelle.S of Kingaroy's Quilt 

a lot of work has gone into this quilt 
as the title suggest it is all about 

every block is a Kitty 
we used an all over quilting pattern 
called wave on wave 
using a pastel variegated cotton top and bottom 
as you can see front he pictures this 
is large can also see that the backing was a 
plane colour and with the variegated thread 
it has given Janelle the option to used the 
quilt either way 2 quilts for the price of one :) 
it is also a great way to use up all the scraps
that you might have laying around 

i am sure her sister will love this quilt 
for many years to come...

Now moving onto Lisa's Blue quilt 

Happy Quilting ") N

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Seeing Stars Quilt #40

Wow we are at quilt #40 already for the year :) 
and what a gorgeous quilt it is 
as the title of this post suggest 
its all about stars :) 

Debby.S of Nanango has been at again 
creating another beautiful quilt...

stars stars and more stars 
this is such a bight and cheery quilt

we used a purple variegated thread 
with and all over quilting design 
called swinging stars 

I just love it 
I hope that who ever ends up with this quilt 
they love it as much as I do...
I just love seeing what Debby gets up to 
with her sewing machine 

Debby you are one very talented lady thank you
 for allowing me the pleasure of helping you finish your quilts :)

now onto the next quilt 

Happy Quilting ") N

Friday, 23 May 2014

Truckin Quilt #39

well we have been at it again yep you guessed it 
more quilting 

today we were a showcasing Michele.E of New Zealand
 Michele is fairly new to the quilting 
world she was introduced to the hobby 
by her sister Debby.S 

and she has been happily quilting away 
this is the 3rd quilt that I have quilted
for Michele

so far all the quilts that i have done for her 
have had a truck theme
this one has photos of a truck on it 
it is the owners truck 
its a great way to make a memory quilt 
for a man :) 

so here you can see we have used a all over quilt pattern 
using a Truck quilt pattern 

we used cream thread on this particular
quilt ...we even managed to get some 
big rig backing fabric for this quilt 

I know that this will be loved by the owner for 
many years to come  

a simple pattern but an effective memory quilt 

Happy Quilting ") N

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Quilt #38

Here we are again quilting quilting quilting 
today I am showing one that was done a few 
weeks ago

this is my other daughters quilt she has done 
this one for the show also :) 

it took a little while for her to get this one finished 
but she done everything herself except for the machine quilting
now she is off on her next project 

we used a variegated yellow thread 
with a allover quilting pattern 
of flowers and Stipple 
as you can see from the results 
it has turned out lovely...

she also placed at the local show with a first :) 

Happy Quilting ") N

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Quilt #37

I have been a little quiet of late here on my Blog
I have been busy working of class samples and 
getting classes organised so we have been 
busy busy busy indeed 

so over the next few days or so I will be post the quilts that I have worked on 
over the last couple of weeks :) 

so today the first one is #37 for the year 
and this one belongs to my Daughter 

this is her first quilt that she ever made 
and she wanted to have cupcakes on it 
we used a hot pink thread top and back 
with the large cupcake all over design 

she entered it in the local show and got 
3rd place :) 
she was very happy indeed

and we were both happy with final 
look of the quilt 
now we are in the process of doing up her room 
with things to match her very pink quilt :) 

Happy Quilting ") N

this is my favorite pic of her while she was working on her quilt :) 

Friday, 9 May 2014

We have a Winner

I am running a bit behind with my up dates on the blog...:/
Last weekend it was show time here in Kingaroy 
very exciting stuff...

we attended the 2 days that the show was on
we were very excited as the Girls had entered 
into the quilting section :) 

and the Divine Miss N was putting her entry 
in too...going up against her Sister 

we got in the gate and all 3 of them were
off like a shot to the 
Needlework pavilion 

dragging me in
just so you know I am getting to old for that sort of thing 

but anyway we got there...i want to take it slow and look at 
all the entries ...but know i was whipped around in No time 

and the Results are in ") 

Miss Dj 
Got first prize her Quilt
First Prize for her cushion 

Miss S 
Got first prize for her Quilt 

And last but not least 
The Divine Miss N 
came in 3rd for her Quilt ") 
this is her very first quilt ever...she is so proud 
of herself too :) 

so all were happy 

Now some of the ladies from Class put in some 
entries too 

we have Sandra that got 1st for all her entries 
2 Quilts 
placemat set 
table runner 
the  following pics are from class 

Kathy who is very much new to the world of crafting and quilting 
got a 3rd place for her Bag she made in class 
2nd for her Tapestry cushion cover 

and then we had Eunice
she place in some things she made in class and got 
second and a lot of first for her clothing 
that she makes :)  

I am hoping in the near future that we can run a 
monthly class for Show items 
and we can all enter something 
next year to help support our local 
Kingaroy Show 

Bigger and Better I say
below are the pictures that i took at the 
show on Sunday :) 
of the above entries 
So what do you say ladies 
lets make Next years show Bigger and Better 
than this year :)  

Happy Quilting ") N