Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Lynda's Story

Today I thought I would share with you how I met 
Lynda.E of Kingaroy
the Reason for this story is the quilt that I will 
be Quilting this week...this Lynda's first Quilt in 
over 20yrs....

Lynda first met me at a little 
market stall Called "The Handmade Expo" 
here in Kingaroy about 12 months back 

she was looking for an Embroidery Machine 
and she was in Luck..I sell them... woo hoo 

this was when I was just setting out on my Journey 
of selling sewing machines...
"Extra Large learning curb there"

anyhoo...she took my card and we organised for her to come around and 
see what it was all about...
needless to say she was happy and this is her baby SINGER FUTRA XL400 that sits at home...

as part of her new machine she also got 5 free lessons on how to use it 
effectively...we had some fun as I was still "sew" new to the world of Embroidery

I was honest with her and told her that I had not had any formal training at that 
point as I had only just started to sell Singer Sewing and Embroidery Machines...
so we embarked on a journey together to learn what to do...each week we did a different 
project together...Lots of late night training for myself and asking forums and my Singer "Rep" on how to do things LOL....

we got there in the end ...Lynda was loving her new toy and was busy sewing and embroidering up a storm....

we came to the end of our 5 lessons, but Lynda was enjoying 
the classes so much that she wanted to stay on and do some little projects 
that we had going on in class...

Lynda was doing little projects that she was working on at home in class for a while...then 
last August we started a Block of the week to see the end of the year our...
It was a Pattern that I designed back in 2010
called  "The Bakers Dozen"
it was a small class of 4 people 
but as time went on Life got in the way for the other 3 and they dropped out But Lynda kept coming every week :) Lynda was enjoying the class so much that she was doing 
2 quilts at once...one in Class with me and one at home that 
same afternoon :) and then started to come to Classes twice a week 
as we were doing some Christmas projects and Lynda really wanted 
to meet more people that were doing things like she was doing :) 
so she Decided to Join our Friday Morning classes 
so now she was coming Twice a week :) 

So now on Mondays she was working on "The Bakers Dozen" and that was the one that she was making her for father....we plodded along week after week
until the Christmas Break...we were almost there...and On Fridays we worked on all sorts of things in our Classes Called "Sit'n'Sew UFO's"...we did this right up to the Christmas Break....2 weeks :) 

when we returned I set down for the Month of January all classes
to be "Sit'n'Sew UFO's" so we could get some of the projects 
finished and move on to a massive year of Crating :) 

Lynda is still coming to Monday and                                 Friday Classes 
and has immersed herself into the quilting world and Culture
She has also Joined our "Mystery Quilt Club" 
on Thursday nights :) 

                   Keep an eye out for Lynda's "Bakers Dozen" quilt 
all finished :) :) 

Happy Quilting ") N 

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