Thursday, 6 February 2014

Quilts Quilts and More Quilts #11

I must say I would not trade places with anyone...
I Love what I do for a living :) 

Busy Busy Busy I have been 
we have hit quilt #11 this week 

this one was made by my Longtime customer 
Debby.S of Nanango Qld 

I just love her creations...she does the most amazing work at her home in Nananago 
this is her 3rd one for this year and think at last count it was 
13th that I have done for Debby ")  

and I was informed today that this little piece of Australia will 
hang pride of place in the USA...
so it has a little journey to go on 
before it gets home ") 

 today we have done an all over small stipple 
using a cream cotton top and bottom
going around the Boomerangs 
I think it turned out just beautiful ") 

Now I am off to do some more quilting 
so many quilts so little time ") 
but I wouldn't have it any other way ") 

Happy Quilting ") N


  1. And made all the more beautiful by your magnificent quilting......Thank you!!

    1. awwww you are too kind :) but thank you...I am glad that you like the work I do :) :)