Friday, 31 January 2014

February 2014 Newsletter

Darvanalee Designs 
Monthly Newsletter 

Wow a month of Crafting has already passed...a lot of laughs and creating 
has been going on here at Darvanalee Designs Quilting Service and 
Singer Sewing Machines  

with that being said...we have a lots of exciting classes starting this month 
now that the Kids are back at school...we can now get down to the serious 
business of quilting/crafting/patchwork :) 

This year is all about Stash Busting 
we are going to be focusing on how to use your 
stash and how to be frugal with your 
fabric too....So get ready to sort that stash 
and start getting some awesome projects on the go.

we have our Block of the Month starting this month 
with the first 2 Fridays are set down to get that started 
and then we will be doing one each month up till November 
lots of different techniques each month
we will be also starting our new monthly Template 
classes too.... we will use a different Template each month ...

so very exciting...don't forget to keep an eye out for all the details for what you need and 
what to bring to class :) 

"So lets Get Crafting")  

Up and Coming Classes for February  2014

Each Monday for the Month
Sit'n'Sew "UFO" $5 plus Materials 
Beginners Classes $5 plus materials 

Get to know your Singer Sewing Machine Class 
these are free to those that have purchased a Singer Sewing Machine 
from Darvanalee Designs 
9.30am to 12.30pm

7th & 14th February 2014 
"Block of the Month" 
Block 1: "Star Of Virginia"
Block 2: "Greek Cross" 
9.30am to 12.30pm
Bring some of your stash 
this will be a stash buster Quilt in the end.... you will also need some nice fabric for the 
background fabric 
$10 per class plus Materials
if you don't have your own fabrics  

Friday 21st February 2014
we are Introducing our Monthly Template Classes 
"Criss Cross Table Runner" 
9:30am to 12:30pm
$10 per class plus materials 

Friday 28th February 2014
"Criss Cross Place Mats" 
9:30am to 12:30pm 
$10 per class plus materials 

For the table runner and place mats you will need 
the following 
3 coordinating Fat Quarters 
1 contrasting Fat Quarter 
and 1 meter of plain fabric 
small Simple Wedge Template 
these are available in store :) 
for more details contact 
Nicole :) 

classes are every Monday and Friday 
for more details ring Nicole on
4163 6631 or 0429 55 1970

find all the details below on our Calender

all classes include Morning tea ") 

Quilting Service News 

With Local Show season about to start in the not to 
distant future 
Now is the time to get your Quilts in for Quilting 
we are currently sitting at a 2 week turnaround on all 
Edge to Edge quilting 
get in quick to take advantage of this quick service...
Drop into 96 Alford Street for more Details ") 

New Stock Arriving 

 Templates Templates Templates 
New stock Daily 
so drop in and see what we have on offer for you :) 
Let your imagination run wild with these wonderful templates 
you can find these and more in store and on eBay

>> Drop in store to see our 
wonderful specials on Singer Sewing Machines<<
we have some wonderful specials running so drop in store for more details ") 
we will be happy to help 
Heavy Duty Machine 

Heavy Duty Overlocker 
all machines sold 
come 5 FREE get to 
know your machine 

Embroidery Machine 

See Below for Class Calender

Don't forget to follow along this blog 
to keep up to date with all the Happenings 

Happy Quilting ") N  

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Summer Break :) Miss S's Story Part 1

Today I thought I would share with you what my 
precious little girls have been up to 
over the summer break...

This coming week they are heading back to school 
after 7 weeks of Summer Holidays
Unfortunately for them I only had 2 weeks off over the Christmas and New Year break 

but then on the other hand they were very excited to help me out in the studio 
and the shop...
as it was a little quieter than normal I thought it would be a good time the get them creating.... some bigger projects 

The Divine Miss N (7yrs) was not too sure about she was happy to just 
be hanging around 
and helping me with some custom quilts 
learning to fold the fabric onto bolts and just being a 
wonderfully helpful apprentice :) 

Miss S (9yrs) on the other hand was very eager to get in and have a go 
so she toddled off to get some of her UFO's (unfinished objects)
she came out with a charm pack quilt top that she had been 
practicing her nesting of seams for some time now...she continued with this 
and soon realised that she needed to unpick a few rows as they were 
not meeting up too well....I love it when she can see that she needs to take more 
care with her lining up of seams....

I know this about teaching kids 
some you can't explain it to...they have to come to it themselves 
and My Miss S is very much like this LOL...

so for a couple days she worked on her little lap quilt 
and she finally got it finished ...she was proud as punch with her achievement.

she then asked me to quilt it for her...I had other ideas LOL 
so on the Sunday after she finished her quilt top....I got 
up early and loaded it into my Longarm Machine 
My Baby...HandiQuilter Avanate Q18...That no one ever uses...I might add

so when she woke that morning I was out in the shop and she came looking for me as 
she dose for her morning cuddles...The Divine Miss N was on the lounge and knew 
what was happening...she had the biggest grin on her face...
you know the one "I've Got a Secret...nah nah nah nah look  LOL 

So Miss S comes out and sees her quilt in the machine and 
says" oh mummy are you going to quilt that for me today" 

I turned to her and said "well no hun, I think you are going to do it" 

I can tell you that smile would have lit up the universe 
I have never seen someone so excited 
as you can see right here in this photo...
and you know what I was very excited to to be passing down this 
to my Miss S...

here is the video of Miss S using the machine
I am one very proud mamma and wanted to have this moment on film :) 
sorry for my annoying voice LOL

at this stage The Divine Miss N got in on the 

act...she was missing out and that is just not one LOL
you can see The Divine Miss N putting her 2cents worth in 
she was very nervous and had a bit of  a death grip going on 
and I had to keep reminding her not to hold her breath...
but after a while she got the hang of it and was really getting into it 
I love teaching kids as they are not afraid to try new and exciting things 
and from this point a quilter is born...

she no sooner finished her quilt on the Longarm and she 
was onto another one :) this time she is making a present for one of her 
sister's...which on I do not know she is not telling anyone LOL 
but this time she said she wants to practice keeping everything 
nice and straight and get her quarter inch seam just right....LOL 
I think she may have been listening to me teaching a beginners class...
oh well at least she is taking it in :) 

keep an eye out for part 2 of Miss S's story will be posting in a couple days 
she is just doing some final finishing touches :) :) 

Happy Quilting ") N

Photo Bombed by The Divine Miss N lol

Friday, 24 January 2014

2 For 1 Quilt #7

WoW I can't believe that  January is almost over 
we have been getting ready for the kids to go back to school this coming week
getting books covered and shoes and everything else that goes with getting 
the Kidlets ready for a very busy year ahead ") 

and Just looking at this tittle I have already done 7 quilting jobs 
this year ") 

Today I have done what I like to call 2 for 1 

this is where a customer 
brings me a quilt top and a pieced backing 
and both sides are equally gorgeous

These lovely Quilts belong to Gayle R of Gin Gin 
but is working here in Kingaroy for a spell 

I first met Gayle and her friend Helen early last year 
Helen had me do a quilt for her just before she headed off shore for work

Gayle however has been quilting up a storm in the last year
this is the 5th quilt i have helped her finish off over the last year 
and this is the latest one 

here you can see the pattern template that I am using 
its called Birds on the Wind 

Close up of the pattern as I was quilting it 

here you can see the back of the quilt and the over all pattern the colours are just lovely...and I love that you get 2 quilts for one :) just a quick flip and walah a new quilt with out all the work :) 

and here is the front of the quilt just using a JellyRoll to make the quilt it also has a green strip what they call a Peek'a'Boo
It gives a added little extra to the quilt 

now onto the next one 

Happy Quilting ") N

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Getting in Early Christmas Star: Quilt #6

Off to a slow start this week, but I am getting a lot of little 
jobs done...

Like this gorgeous Christmas Star Wall Hanging/Table Topper
that Lynn.H of Kingaroy has made...

we ran this class and the end of last year
Lynn was not able to join us in class as she was away visiting
family at the time ...

Lynn ended up getting it done and has dropped it into me for 
quilting we have gone with a wonderful all over 
Q-Bot pattern of Snowflakes
using a cream cotton

it looks wonderful :) 
now it is off to its new home ready for Christmas 
this year

Nothing like getting in early LOL 

below you can see the snowflakes stitched out 

 here you can see the final quilting pattern on the back of the wall hanging :)

Happy Quilting ") N  

Sunday, 19 January 2014

"Under the Sea"

Today I thought I would share with you some that I created at the a
end of 2013 called"

Under the Sea"

Teresa of Kingaroy approached me to do a couple 
of custom quilts for her at the end of last year 

She want one as a "Farm Scene" and another as "Under the Sea" Theme

and I only had 8 weeks to get them done 
OK Challenge Set 

I wanted to do something a little different for 
Teresa....she had given me a couple of pics 
of something she was looking for or similar....
what I did know it was going to be an Applique
but I wanted to do something a little different.....

Below are some of the pictures that I took while 
I was making the Quilt :) I hope you and enjoy 
what I have done ") 

First I looked for some cartoon style
pics so I could use them for the templates
so I was off the the Colouring pages on the Internet ") 
found a lot of different ones as you can see here 

once we were happy with the layout 
it was onto the cutting out all the fabrics 
and getting the layout down onto the center....

Now onto the Fun stuff this is where I felt like I was a Kid 
again :) Colouring in YaY 
you can see here that I have started to 
put some detail...One of the requirements 
was that it had to have a cartoon look 

Teresa was very excited 
to see it all coming you can see how the detailing can make a big are some pics that you can see the difference ") 

the turtles are just too cute ") 
you might be wondering what products I have used...

for the Applique I used "Heat'n'Bond" No Sew 
and I Derwent 
InkTense Pencils 
with a textile Medium...
So after 11hrs of colouring in all the detail and getting it just right...I show Teresa and she was very happy below is a Pic of the 
the Colouring all done :) 

So then it was onto they borders and 
quilting...below are some pics of the 
Quilting process and Finished Quilt ") 

We used a light blue thread and she only wanted a simple stippling on the quilt all over which turned out to be a good choice as it made it look like it was water ripples 

I hope that you enjoyed what I have done 
we have a lot more Pics over on our Facebook Page 
Under the tab "Albums"
look for "Under the Sea"

Happy Quilting ") N