Saturday, 1 February 2014

Another Busy week Quilts #8 and #9

Well it has been another busy week here at Darvanalee Designs...
Quilting Service and Singer Sewing Machines 
and a very busy month...I have only been back at work for 
a little over 3 weeks and I have hit the ground running that is for sure...
9 quilts and counting... and can't believe that January is already over 
where has that time gone....

this week I was working on Debby.Q of Kinaroy...Cot Panels...she had 3 in total to do...but I have been very busy organising classes so we can get under way for a massive year of crafting...So Debby's first one was this lovely little Owl quilt panel and we used a very open pattern of a owl and a flower
next I worked on the Hungry Caterpillar .....on this particular one we used a white cotton top and bottom with an all over quilting design of a butterfly as you can see for the pics they are very cute and will make any nursery just gorgeous  ...

I was hoping to get her 3rd one done this week but organising 
stock for the classes took a little longer than anticipated...
But i will get it finished for her on Tuesday as it is already set up in the machine ") 

I hope you are enjoying coming along on my Quilting Journey 
this year :) 

Happy Quilting ") N 

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