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Accordion Pouch Hacks Tutorial

Accordion Pouch Hacks

This pattern was initially by shabby fabric,
I just show you here some of the hacks that I have done to give me,
in my believe a Quicker and Better finish to the Pouch.

So let's get started!

You Can Find Everything You Need for this Project

What you will need:
2 or 3 Fat Quarters
2 - 5” by 8” rectangles of your choice (can be cut from FQ’s)
Fusible Fleece
Medium or Heavy weight interfacing
Shabby Fabrics Pattern template HERE

1. Once you have selected what you are going to have as your lining and our outer fabrics take your pattern template that was supplied by Shabby Fabrics, you can Find that HERE.
Cut on the Fold 1 piece for your outer and 1 piece for your lining set aside
Now cut two 5”x 8” rectangles these can be cut out from your fat quarters or different fabrics to make it a scrappy as you like. 

2. Now take your Fusible Fleece and your Interfacing and cut one of each Fleece and Interfacing using your pattern template
Next, we need to cut one each of interfacing and Fleece for the
5”x 8” rectangles

3. Fuse them to the corresponding fabrics making sure that the outer fabric has the fusible fleece on it and the lining has medium to heavy interfacing.
I show you this in our Vidoe below

4. Now, Take you lining pieces of both the pocket and purse. First, take your Interfaced Rectangle and fold in half with the right
facing, short side to short side. Make a mark on the Fold line. Once, you have made this mark, then cut a small slit around 1" to 1.5" and set aside.
Next, take the Interfaced Lining piece for the purse. Next, with right side facing down and the interfacing facing up. Fold, the bottom edge up to just under the Flap of your purse, make a create and draw a line around 2" long. Then Cut along that line to make a slit.
See Video HERE for a clearer demonstration

5. Now, it's time to sew.
Take your outer and lining pieces and place them with
Right sides together and sew a ¼” all the way around
Set aside and repeat with the rectangles pieces.

6. Next, you will take your Pinking shears and reduce your seam down to around a 1/8", this reduces the bulk.
Trim the corners of your rectangle piece and then, Gently turn your pieces right side out. Making sure give a good press.

7. Top stitch both your pieces. I find using a longer stitch length approx 2.8 to 3.0 is really good for topstitching and gives your work a nice finish.

8. Now take your rectangle piece Fold in half short end to short end. Make a mark in the centre crease and then make a mark 1/2" up and 1/2" down and create a rectangle box. Now, line your rectangle up with at the bottom of the flap on your purse.
With the lining fabric of both the purse and your rectangle touching making sure that the cut sections are either touching or just touching. Pin in Place. You can see this is clearly the video.

9.  Now sew on that line to secure the rectangle piece.
Making sure that your bobbin thread matches our outer fabric. As you are sewing through bulk here, you want to lengthen your stitch length to a 2.8 to 3.0 so you get a better finish of stitching.

10. Lay your piece flat. Take your pattern template, that has been supplied by Shabby Fabrics and lay it one Top. Using the marks on the pattern template mark your purse piece.
The take each side of the rectangle and match up your marks.

11. Once this is in place pin. Now is the time to play with the sitting of your purse.
Once you are happy with how it is sitting. glue it with the glue and clip it clip with wonder clips and leave it for 24 hrs.

12. Now we are adding the clasp.
Find the centre of the purse flap and mark where you would like the clasp to sit. Now make a small hole with your quick unpick and place the stem of the snap into the hole and take the make part of the snap and place over and clamp with the tool.
Repeat for the remaining clasp but making sure that your flat part of the clasp is on the inside of your purse.

Your Purse is now complete “)

Happy Quilting and Crafting ") N

Monday, 20 August 2018

Pattern Review Weekly -Hazel Hedgehog II By Elizabeth Hartman

Pattern Review Weekly -Hazel Hedgehog II By Elizabeth Hartman

Pattern Review Weekly 20/08/2018 - Hazel Hedgehog II By Elizabeth Hartman

You can find the pattern here --

In this weeks Pattern review Weekley Video, I share with you the Hazel Hedgehog II Quilt Pattern By Elizabeth Hartman. I show you what you get for your money and how it is set out. This pattern is a straightforward pattern to follow along with...So leave us a comment below and let us know what you think :) Is there a pattern that you have been looking at, but are not too sure what you get for your money, let us know, and we might just have it in our pattern library, and we can do the review for you.

here is the "Finish it Friday" Video that I am referring to in the video
can be found here --

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Sunday, 12 August 2018

Block of the Month (BOM) #8 August 2018

So let us get started!

How to Make Raspberry Cheesecake Quilt Block
Block #8

What you Need:
1 fat Quarter White Fabric - Background (either plain or tone on tone)
1 Fat Quarter Light Purple and Dark Maroon ( Either plain or print)
Sewing Machine with ¼” foot
Rotary Cutter
Cutting Mat
Quilting Ruler
Matching Threads
Thread Snips
Best Press
Alphabitties (Affiliate Link)
Iron and Ironing Pad

Cutting Instructions:

You can Find your printable cutting instruction HERE

Cutting Instructions

From the White Background Fabric

Cut 2 ✂ 5”  Squares. ( ref A)
Cut 4 ✂ 2⅞" Squares (ref B)
Cut 1 ✂ 4⅝ ” square. ( ref C )
Cut 4 3½" squares. ( ref D )

Light Purple 
Cut 2 5" Squares (ref A )

Dark Marron
Cut 4 ✂ 2⅞" Squares (ref B)

 Refer to Printable Cutting instructions for 
further cutting of squares. 

Block Assembly
Now onto the Assembly of your Block
and Don't forget we have a Video Tutorial for you
to follow along with you can find the Video

We are using SCANT Quarter inch seam allowance throughout the pattern and pressing Seams Open.  Please Reduce your stitch length
2.0 or 1.8 depending on your machine.

First, we are going to create our Half Square Triangles (HST)

You will be creating Light Purple and White HST.
Reduce your stitch length to 2.0 or lower to what
The machine will allow,
We do this as we are opening up our seams. This action of lowering
Our stitch length will stop the block from coming apart.

To Create your 4 HST units, you will,
take your white and Light Purple  triangles from cut A
with right sides together sew an
Scant ¼" inch seam allowance from one corner on the
long side of your triangle to the opposite corner.
Now Press open.
Your HST should now look like the picture below
Repeat with the remainder of the triangles,
by chain piecing these to save you some time
You will now have 4 units. You will
square these up to

square. Although I didn't need to trim mine


You can get a better look at this in the Supplementary video HERE

Unit A.

Next, we are going to Create Unit B
Take your 3½" squares. ( ref D ) and your white and Dark Mooron
triangles. Find the centre points on each side of your 3½" square
as shown in the video and then find the centre point of the long edge on
the white triangles and Dark Maroon triangles.
Now take one of your Dark Maroon
triangles and place the centre mark on the centre mark of your square.
You will have approx quarter inch overhang on each side of the square.
once you are happy with the placement, repeat for a white triangle
on the opposite side of the square... Sew a
Scant ¼" inch seam allowance.
Once you have done this, Press seams open and repeat with the remaining triangles.
you have now created Unit B. see pic below how your Unit should look.
However, if you are not sure how to do this, Please refer to the Video
We have posted on YouTube.
You can find it HERE
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Unit B

Now onto Block assembly
Now lets sew our rows together, Working from left to right
sew each of your units together as pictured below.

Step 1.
Assemble your first row as pictured below

Step 2.
Assemble row 2 like pictured

Step 3.
Assemble row 3 as pictured below

Step 6.
We now are going to assemble the block follow the
images below and the arrows...
Make sure that you press your seams open and nest
your seams..refer to the video if you are not sure.
Row 1

Row 2

Row 3 

Your block is now assembled and ready to be set aside
do not trim your block until we have all 12 finished
Make sure that you have ¼” around the block we will not lose any points when it
Comes to final Assembly of your quilt. Set this block aside.  

Finished Block
Called “Raspberry Cheesecake ”

I hope you enjoyed your seventh block for the Block of the Month.
Please don’t forget to share your gorgeous blocks with our
Facebook Community and Crafty Friends
We all love seeing what you are creating.
Join us again next Month for another Block

Happy Quilting and Crafting ") N