Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Black and white swap

A few months bag I sunk my teeth into my 
first Instgram swap...

For me it was a very positive experience so much so that i have since signed up 
for several others 

But today I thought I would share with you what I made and what I received 

First we had to put up our Mosaics for inspiration for out partners and this is what 
I had put up...

You see I love Black and White quilts,so I had a few already 
pinned to my Pinterest boards off I went to find what i was looking for what I love....
too easy really 
I now have a Board just dedicated to Black and White Quilts with a splash of colour 
you can find it  HERE

Then I had to wait for the partners to be emailed out 
and all the other relevant information... check in dates....what Hastags to use.... 
who our swap mamma's are and most important 
swap partners Information...Likes...Dislike now it was time to go stalking...OHHHH I mean 
social research LOL
Yay I love Social Research you can get to know a lot about a person 
through what they post

for my first swap my partner was here in Australia so that was good 
at least we were both on the same time zone ...

I didn't have long to wait my swap partner posted her Mosaic and she 
had some beautiful quilts and mini quilts in her Mosaic 
My partner made a comment that she really liked one particular quilt 
in the mosaic....

I was excited, because I knew what I was going to make...
You see a couple days before hand I had purchased the 5 inch slicer template from 
the Crafty Gemini and it was on it way 
crafty gemini 5 inch slicer quilting ruler template
you can find it HERE

and I had been watching a few tutorials that Crafty Gemini had posted 
and I know this would work perfectly....

Now onto what my partner likes...she had made mention that she liked Cotton+Steel fabrics 
so the hunt begun for the fabrics...
this was not as easy as I thought it was going to be....
everything was in the USA and I wanted to Buy local....but unfortunately I don't 
stock them although I would love to....but being a small business i just could not do this time 
and nor does anyone else in the town I live 
so to the internet I went

I found a lady that live a couple hours from me and she was selling a nice little bundle of Fat Quarters...So i jumped on was exactly looking for....

so that was was time to get started...I just had to wait for the template and fabric to arrive.... 

yay they are here....

Now it is time to get bare in mind I had an Idea of what I wanted 
but it was not a pattern I was an Idea I had in my head....
so I got cutting and and arranging
it was very much a improv quilting project

I must say I loved doing this mini quilt and I am very addicted to making Mini Quilts
they are Quick and you can display them more easily than bigger quilts....My wall is coming together nicely...Everyone Loved what i had made that come to my classes...
that we are now running this as a class for the month of September...

Now onto what I received from my swap partner...
This swap was a secret swap so the person we were sending to
was not who we were receiving from...

when I put up my Mosaic i made mention that I had been eyeing off the middle Bargelo 
quilt....but I would be happy with anything that my partner decided to make...
I was just happy to be part of the swap....

But my partner from @mysewbusylife on instagram 
absolutely blew me away....

the day my swap arrived I was teaching a patchwork class....I knew what it was so 
I put it down...but everyone encouraged me to open it...
Who am I to argue with my students LOL
so Open it I did...

I just stopped dead in my tracks and looked up and everyone 
they were all like show us...but I was frozen...
I then turned the Mini Quilt around 

we were all in awe of what Faye had sent me 
it was the Bargelo that i had made reference to 
I was amazed and tis Mini had exceeded all my expectations 
there were some little extras too they were black and white themed 
just gorgeous 

I was over the Moon and felt very you can see that my experience what very positive 
so much so that I have signed up for a couple others....

I have signed up for the #overtherainbowswap...Now that I have received my Happy mail and my partner has received hers I will post about that in a week or so 

In the mean time head over to Instagram and check out the all the lovely Mini Quilts and show them some love and 
have a look at what everyone got up to or search #blackandwhitequitswap 

Happy Quilting ") N

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Hi My Name is Nicole and I am Addicted to Swaps!!!!

So if you have been following along on my Facebook page or even my Instagram page 
you would be aware that in the last year i have been doing Sewing swaps 
with people all over the globe....

when i first started do swaps it was just after I joined the Crafty Gemini Quilt I had never done them before i felt this was a safe place to start...So far I have swapped with people everywhere from Australia, England,Ireland,Canada and USA.
We get an email with our partners details and then we chat through out the month 
getting to know each really has made in my opinion The Crafty Gemini Quilt Club 
a tighter quilting community...I love it lots of fun and great people too.

I have been doing them with the CGQC for 18 months now and have only 
missed experience was so positive that I met others that were doing them 
through the The Sewing Swap on Facebook they have a series of swaps happening every month
is could be table runners or blocks or just a fabric swap
I did a couple with them and I also joined up with their Birthday swap Club via this group.
how the Birthday Club works is, we each send a fat quarter to each person in the group in the month of the birthday 
so we all get 45 fat quarters as there are 46 in the group...
again I had a really good experience....and have met some amazing people 
in this group :) :) 

That led me to Instagram, I had been watching a FB friend Karen from Vintage.strings on Instagram doing all these wonderful projects.
 I asked her one day what they were for and she told me about the Instagram swapping.
 So a couple months ago I jumped in and signed up for my first swap
the Black and White Quilt Swap hosted by @shoppershaz....I had a ball making the mini quilt for my partner...I love the Mosaics that we put up for inspiration and how they different we all are 
it gives you and idea of what your partner likes...My partner gave me some really good ideas and clues to what she liked..she mention that she liked a kite shaped quilt in her that got me to thinking...I had just received my 5inch slicer from the Crafty Gemini and I thought that would work perfect for this swap...(pictures to follow in another blog post)...of coarse you don't know who is sending to you only know who you are making for....and the continual posting of sneak peaks and progress is really fantastic as it keeps you guessing.....

I have enjoyed my self so much of the the last 18 months CGQC that I am still signing up for swaps each month...and My Instagram experience was soo positive that I have signed up for another 2 swaps 1.Over the Rainbow swap 
2. Falling for fall quilt swap 
and there are a couple that i am looking at :) :) 

I will keep you posted on what i am making and what i receive from my swaps 
below are just some of the things that i have received  and made over the last 18 months from the 
CGQC...I am still working on some of the block swaps and turning them into quilts I will post the pictures when they are finished :) :) 

Happy Quilting and Swapping ") N

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Class Schedule July 2016

We have another Busy month 
of classes and creating 

as you can see we have finished up 
 our Farmer's Wife Quilt along 
so we have a few classes on offer this month 

BOOK FAST as places are filling fast
and we have limited spots 

We have been quilting away the days
over the last month....we are getting through
them and the Que is ever growing 
so get your finished quilt tops in 
sooner rather than later...
wait time at present is 
3 weeks but this can change due to 
demand :) :) 

Happy Quilting ") N 

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

June 2016 Class Schedule

Good Morning well it is the First day of Winter for us 
and we have a busy month ahead planned...

***We are not at the Nanango Markets this month as 
I have my Car booked in for a service so we will see you at the 
July markets :) :)  
But we will how ever be at the 
Kingaroy Car Boot Markets on the 19th of June

***Our Que for Quilting is ever growing 
so please get your quilts in sooner rather than 
later for a quick turnaround

Limited Spots 
So Please Book Fast to Avoid disappointment 

Happy Quilting N")

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

May 2016 Class Schedule

Classes for May 2016 
Please Book your spot now 
to avoid disappointment  

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Class Schedule for March 2016

March 2016
Darvanalee Designs
96 Alford Street, Kingaroy Qld 4610
Ph: 07 4163 6631
Mob:0429 55 1970
Opening Hours
Monday to Friday
9.30am to 2.30pm

 All Classes are $10 plus materials and include a light Morning Tea
And Run from 9.30am to 12.30pm


Block of
The Month

Nanango Markets
Site 65
6am -12pm

Sit’n’ Sew


Sit’n’ Sew

Sewing Machine Doctor is in

Sewing Machine cover and mat 

Sit’n’ Sew

Quilt Club


Notes: Classes are $10 plus Materials
If you have any questions Please
Phone Nicole on 0429 55 1970 or
07 4163 6631