Thursday, 26 September 2013

Busy Quilting up a Storm ")

Over the last few weeks 
I have been Quilting and Patchworking 
up a storm...

and thank goodness for that 
as the weather has really started 
to heat up...

so over the last 
couple weeks I have quilted 
a lot of quilts for cutomers and 
quilts for sale on my Facebook and MadeIt page ") are just a few that 
I have completed with many more
in que for Quilting ") 

here is Amanda M. of Kingaroy Qld...this one was made for her little is a basic Double Irish Chain worked around a Spiderman Panel...then she embroidered spiders in the plain red centers and then here at Darvanalee Designs we Quilted it with Spider webs the end result
looks like the spiders are crawling over the web ") 


This one was made by Debby.S.of Nanango
This quilt was for her Grandsonand I have seen it in its newhome and it is much loved at Darvanalee Designs we put a Dinosour Quilting pattern all over the picture on the right shows the pattern on  the back of the Quilt ")

this one was done by Faye of Murgon QLd
 here at darvanalee Deisngs we quilted 
with a all over pattern called hippy Kitty's 
I just love the Cats ")

The Next few Quilts I have made and quilted 
for sale you can find more over on my 
Facebook page ") 

but here are just a few for you to look at ") 

 for all he pricing details 
you can visit the following pages 


Happy Quilting ")


Sunday, 22 September 2013

FREE FREE FREE Delivery Australia wide

As you may or may not know 
here at Darvanalee Designs 

We are an Authorised Dealer for 
Singer Sewing Machines
and Embroidery Machines 

From now and till Christmas we are having 
Delivery Australia Wide Only 

What a great way to upgrade or 
replace that tired Sewing Machine 

we offer a 8 week Lay-By service too 
you can find all the details on either of 
my pages on Facebook
under the Albums Tab") 


or maybe you are looking for a present for that 
crafter/sewer in the house

I am sure here at Darvanalee Designs we have 
just what you are looking for ") 

here are just a few of the machines we have on offer at the 

  Singer TRADITION 2250 Machine

Excellent value mechanical machine which
combines traditional high quality
technology and construction with
the elegant and highly attractive curvy design

  Sewing Features and Benefits :
10 Built in Stitches, Reverse Operation,Zigzag Stitch, Free-Arm Design,Comes with Instruction Manual, Product Weight: 7kg, Auto Tension, Front Load Bobbin, Bonus Instruction DVD,3 Year Limited Warranty  
Accessories: General All Purpose Foot, Button Sewing Foot, Buttonhole Foot, Zipper Foot, Seam Ripper/Brush,Bobbins
Feed Cover plate,Spool Holder,Screwdriver/Oil Bottle,Pack of Needles/Seam Guide
Dust Cover, Bonus Instructional DVD

                                                         3 year Limited Warranty

Simple 3221
     Singer SIMPLE 3221 Sewing Machine

The SIMPLE 3221 sewing machine offers ease of
functions at an affordable price. this is a wonderful
machine for consumers looking to find a great machine
to start sewing. The SIMPLE 3221 comes
complete with Auto buttonhole and Auto Needle Threader
A wonder package

Sewing Features and Benefits :
21 Built in Stitches, 40 Stitch functions, 1 Step Buttonhole. Front loading bobbin , Auto needle Threader, Powerful Motor, Reverse Operation, Variable Zigzag Stitch, Variable Stitch Width, Auto Bobbin Winding, Snap on presser feet, Built-in Storage, Free-Arm Design ,Comes with Instruction Manual,Bonus Instruction DVD, 3 Year Limited Warranty
 Accessories: General All Purpose Foot, Button Sewing Foot, Buttonhole Foot,Zipper Foot, Edge/Quilting Guide, SeamRipper/Brush, Bobbins,Feed Cover plate, Spool Holder, Screwdriver/Oil bottle,Pack of Needles/Seam Guide
Dust Cover ,Bonus Instructional DVD

3 year Limited Warranty

Talent 3323

 Singer TALENT 3323  Sewing Machine

The TALENT 3323 machine has loads of
features including automatic buttonhole,top loading
bobbin, automatic needle threader, and powerful motor.
The perfect machine for the fashion designer in all
of us

  Sewing Features and Benefits :
23 Built in Stitches,45 Stitch functions, 1 Step Buttonhole,Auto needle Threader, Powerful Motor, Reverse Operation,Variable Zigzag Stitch, Variable Stitch Width,Auto Bobbin Winding, Snap on presser feet, Built-in Storage, Free-Arm Design,Comes with Instruction Manual, Bonus Instruction DVD, 3 Year Limited Warranty

General All Purpose Foot, Button Sewing Foot , Buttonhole Foot,Zipper Foot
Edge/Quilting Guide,Seam Ripper/Brush,Bobbins,Darning plate
Spool Holder,Screwdriver
Pack of Needles
Dust Cover

Bonus Instructional DVD
3 year Limited Warranty
So If you head on over to Facebook you can find more machines there ") 
Happy Quilting ")  

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Woo Hoo....Now Stocking Missouri Star Quilt Co Templates ")

After months of thinking and pondering 
I approched the wonderful 
people at Missouri Star Quilt Co
or MSQC for short...
About stocking their wonderful 
templates that they use with 
all sort of Pre-Cut fabrics 

and they accepted ") ")
which is a fantastic 
Wacky Web Template **and we stock the wacky web papers too **
opportunity for my little 
 Quilting Business that I have
here in Kingaroy, Country Queensland

Now I know that many of you enjoy their 
tutorials on YouTube
I know I do
in fact I love them...

and doing a little research I found that many in 
             our area were very keen to use their templates
     as I was...

here is a link to the Wacky Web Tutorial on YouTube

so with a little email tag 
Large Simple Wedge Template
                                we are now stocking MSQC templates

                           we have stock arriving all the time ")
                              this is good news for you the customer 
                             as we offer FREE POSTAGE ")
                             Within Australia 

Mini Tumbler Template
you can purchase them either by 
contacting me Via 
or Directly on 
0429 55 1970

We accept the following forms of payment
CreditCard via phone 
or Direct Deposit  
5" Half Hex template ")

So give us a call or stop by our facebook 
page and we can get what you are looking for
asap ") 

Happy Quilting ")

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Let me Introduce Myself

As I am starting to get some followers
I thought I would take the Opportunity to 
Introduce myself 

so here goes ") 

 My name is Nicole Reed and I am a ‘machine quilter for hire’ based in Kingaroy, in Country Queensland, Australia. 
I operate this service using a Avante Q18 HandiQuilter Quilting Machine with the Q-Bot computerised system. Quilting with a computerised system is good news for my clients because the results are better. 
My machine produces even, regular stitches and stitches-out a precise and accurate design. 
A wide selection of quilting designs are available and so finding just the right pattern to suit your quilt will be an easy choice for you.

I have been quilt-making and crafting for many years, so my knowledge about all aspects of patchwork and quilting is extensive and I have been helping other quilt makers complete their quilts since the year 2009. 
I am passionate about quilting so rest assured I will treat your quilt with the highest regard. I aim to produce the best possible result.

If you are looking for a quilter to finish your quilting project, you can be confident that here at Darvanalee Designs you will receive quality service, at a fair price and the work will be completed for you in quick time.
You can see more of my work on My Facebook

If you have not commissioned a machine quilter previously, I will be happy to explain all aspects of the quilting process.

I can help you finish your quilts by machine quilting the top (in either a light custom style or an edge to edge design) and then, if you want, bind your quilt so it is ready to use. This can be very useful for those people who like to make the quilt tops but don't have the time or the inclination to quilt them - these are the quilts that end up stuffed in a cupboard, never to see the light of day again.

Wouldn't it be better to have your quilts finished so you can use them? Or give them as gifts? Or even so you can have the excuse that you need to make some more!! Actually, you don't need that excuse - having more than one quilt in progress is a good thing (though my husband would dispute that!).

I would love to meet and hear about how you came to the world of quilting..
leave your comments below ") 

Happy Quilting ")