Saturday, 8 February 2014

Quilt #12 Sandra's First Quilt

Quilt #12 is a little bit special to me I always love quilting someones very first Quilt...just to see the look on their face gives me a thrill like no other Sandra.B of Kingaroy is new the Quilting world and is loving every minute of it... she is very excited to be making quilts for her Grand Kiddies...and this her first one...
Sandra got her inspiration from Saffron Craig's  Fairy Quilt that i made a few years ago>>> I Love this Quilt...My girls and few others have been trying to get me to part with it  ever since I made this little quilt...Not likely, but I let them try LOL....the colours are what catch their eye....Pink/Red and Brown are not always peoples first choices when it comes to colours...but then they see this quilt and they just must have it ") 

Sandra is making this quilt for her Grand Daughter Miss A she loves farm animals so instead of putting the hearts in she found some farm animals to put in their place...and used a basic 2.5 inch square for her 9 patches and then Alternated a 9 patch and a Animal squares it had turned out just beautiful and then finished it off with a gorgeous butterfly border.... we used an all over quilting pattern of hearts and flowers... with a cream cotton and beautiful pink daisy backing fabric
Below it the finished quilt...just waiting to have its binding put on...then it will be off to its 
new home...where I know it will be loved and Cherished by Little Miss A ") 

 Now onto the next Quilt 

Happy Quilting ") N

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  1. Very, very lovely quilts....mmmm, the red and white hearts have captured my heart too!