Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Jelly Jelly JellyRoll Quilt #14

As the Title of this post suggests 
this is all about a Jelly Roll Quilt 

This Quilt is from a New Customer
Kylie of Kingaroy Qld,

I love when a new customer comes into the 
store they and the bring a lovely quilt to finish for them

Kylie is making this quilt for her Son :) 
such lovely fabrics in this 

I just love the brightness of the fabric 
with out being over bearing :) 

Ok you might be asking what is that fabric is By
Zen Chic "Comma" is the range
if you would like to see the whole range 
give it a Google and it will come up :) 

Anyhoo....on this quilt we used a Grey Variegated thread 
top and bottom....with a black backing...good colour choice 
for boys....

then we use an all over pattern called Airborne pictured here

I love the simplicity of a Jelly Roll Quilt 
how it displays the Fabric range so well 

I am looking forward to seeing what else Kylie comes in with for
me to Quilt 

better Scoot and get onto the Next Quilt

Happy Quilting ") N