Sunday, 13 May 2012

Scrappy TuTu!

now anyone that knows The Divine Miss N
know that she loves all things pretty
so the other day when i was surfing the 
net more to the point Pinterest :0) just a little addicted lol
 and she seen this pretty little Scrappy Tutu
she immediately started to hound me to make her one....
Now I'm not about to take any credit for this as it is not an 
original of source is

now you will need a few things 

1" wide elastic
sewing machine
tape measure 
scrap fabric strips or a jelly roll 

1. measure you little one or in my case my 5yr old 
for the sizing of elastic 

2. then measure from the hip of your little one to their 
knee...this so you can work out how long your 
strips should be....The Divine Miss N measured 13" 
and then you times this number by 2
so my strips were 26" in length.

3. now to make the waist band simply 
take the 2 ends of the elastic and join them 
either by hand or machine sewing...I used my machine 
as it was quicker this way...


4. Now we take all our scrap fabric and either cut into strips 
approx 2" or 2.5" as i have a very impatient little 
girl...i took the easy way out and used up some of my 
left over jelly roll no cutting for me....YaY 

you then take your folded in half strips and you attach 
each strip to the elastic by way of a slip knot....
YaY no sewing...

you continue to do this until you have used all your 
strips...I used 46 in works out to be 2 strips for 
every 1" of elastic..this way you will know just how many strips 
you will need ...It should look like this below :0)

Now you are done....

and i have one very happy little girl YaY 
now back to relaxing :0)

Happy Crafting 
Nicole :0)

Monday, 7 May 2012

The Results are In 

Well it was show time here in Kingaroy...My girls and I put some craft items into the show....Miss S and I put quilts in and my eldest put in a knitted ruffle scarf and a stuffed toy...well it was good news all round...My eldest 13yrs got 2nd for her scarf and 3rd for the stuff toy...Miss S 7yrs got Junior Champion for her quilt...and I got 2nd for my was Miss S's first show...she was just about ready to to burst with excitement...I am very proud of my girls and their efforts :0) Next year The Divine Miss N...will be putting something in for the first time :0) 

 Happy Quilting 
Nicole :0)

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Road Trip!!!!

Whoa!!! what a day I have had today...started the morning with coffee with Kelly and Ange for an hour of girl time...
then Ange and I were off on a road trip to Goomeri to drop in to the local patchwork 
shops and so I could Introduce myself.... 

and leave them some information on what services I was a very positive day...
I picked up a couple quilts as well, from a customer on the way back...

it is all starting to fall into place...Feeling great about the decisions that I have made to go into business for myself YaY....only the beginning but he we all have to start some where don't we....
Now back to work tomorrow QUILT QUILT QUILT

Happy Quilting 
Nicole :0)

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Local Kingaroy Show

Well it has been a busy week so far..putting all the finishing touches on all items 
for the Local Kingaroy Show...
Miss S has submitted a quilt  in the Junior section
Miss Dj has entered a Knitted ruffle scarf that she had made during the year 
and also a small stuffed felt owl...
and myself I have entered a Queen size Sampler Quilt ....

I am also very excited for one of my students 
she has entered a few items too.... I wish Miss B 
and her brothers 
good luck :0) 
and hope you all do well :0)

Judging is over the next couple of days
so it is a very anxious wait till the weekend
to see how we have all done :0)

I hope my girls do well :0) 
will post results next week 

Happy Quilting
Nicole :0)