Monday, 4 May 2015

Quilt #11 2015

 This Quilt came to us from 


this is a present for her daughter 
we used a high-loft wadding and 
a pattern called peace 
and a mauve cotton

Quilt #10 2015

 This one is another beauty
that came to us from
Debby of Nanango

this was such a nice little
cot quilt
we used purple thread and
used a pattern called Swinging looks wonderful

below are the pics that we took

Happy Quilting ") N

Quilt #9 2015

 This Quilt came in from
Tania from Wondia Qld
I just love this Quilt
its soo bright and cheery :)

Happy Quilting ") N

Quilt #8 2015

This little cute 
quilt came to us 
from Debbie 
of Kingaroy 

I just love the forest animals and 
the brightness of this quilt 

we used a leaf pattern 
and lemon variegated cotton 

below are the pics we took 

Happy Quilting ") N

Quilt #7 2015

This Little Quilt came 
to us for quilting 
from Debbie of 

it was a simple quilt to do 
Debbie just wanted some in
ditch quilting and some ruler work 
around the blocks 

Happy Quilting ") N

Quilt #6 2015

This Quilt came in from 
Margaret from Nanango 

this lovely tractor quilt 
has made for one 
very Happy Greandchild 

we used a rainbow vargated thread 
and used a cloud pattern 

here are the pictures we took of 
the Quilt 

Happy Quilting ") N 

Quilt #5 2015

This one came in from
Lynn of Murgon .

Just gotta love the 
MSQC big star quilt 

I love the colours in this one 
Lynn just wanted stipple on 
this quilt 

here are the pictures that we 

 Happy Quilting ") N

Quilt #4 2015

Who doesn't love a Super hero

This wonderful Super hero 
quilt came in from 
the Lovely Amanda 
from Kingaroy 

this one was stippled around 
the panel and then we went around
the super heroes on the panel 

we used a light blue cotton 
top and bottom 

below are  the pictures that we took 

Happy Quiting ") N

Quilt #3 2015

Here is Quilt #3 for 2015

this came in from 
Lyn from Blackbutt 

it is the quilt that was for the 
Art of Quilting magazine 

Lyn wanted to have this beauty 
stippled all over using a white cotton 

below are the pictures that we have taken 

Happy Quilting ") N 

Quilt #2 2015

Quilt #2

this Quilt is from Heather 
she was part of our 
Block of the month 

Heather has done really well for a beginner quilter 
and I look forward to seeing what other 
creations she come in with 

 Happy Quilting ") N