Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Another Busy Day Quilt # 16

It has been another busy day her at 
Darvanalee Designs
today we worked on Joyce's Quilt

there is a funny story behind how Joyce 
found me...You see Joyce has been quilting for many years
mostly by hand...Joyce is 80 yrs young...recently she was not feeling her 
best and was laying in Hospital talking to another 
patient...while they were chatting away the conversation turned 
to quilting and crafting...while there were happily chatting away 
Joyce happen to mention that her friend and herself were working on 
a quilt for her daughter...she asked the lady if she knew of anyone 
that would be able to help her finish she din't want to have to do this 
one by hand....well the lady laying next to Joyce told her about this young girl 
that was quilting for a lot of people here in Kingaroy (yep that's me a young girl LOL) 
anyway this lady just happened to have a business card of mine in her handbag and 
promptly gave it to Joyce...after a couple days stay in Hospital 
Joyce was released and first thing she did after she got home and unpacked 
was to ring me and book her quilt the time I was on Holidays over the Christmas break 
so we arranged for Joyce to come and meet me and have a chat about 
what she wanted done on her Quilt 

In the end Joyce decided that she wanted to have stippling all around the candle-wicked 
blocks and to leave the big 10 inch blocks plain...but this was not a good solution to those 
10 inch blocks so I showed Joyce some of the options that we had available to stitch into 
the blocks...just so there was not negative space..

we decided on a Dove with flowers up in the corners...just to hold it down for many years to 
here in this picture you can see a sample of Joyce's work on the blocks 
each one has a different Candle-wicked design :) just gorgeous
I can wait till mine is finished...I have been working on it for many years 
you can see here the end result for the quilt 
Joyce was over the moon about her quilt 
and couldn't wait to get it home and get the 
binding on it and get it to her Daughter asap

Well it is time for me to get onto the 
next quilt :) 

Happy Quilting ") N


  1. Such Beautiful work, so glad she found someone to help her, Love quilting pros and she sure is one

    1. she is...she was just over the moon when she picked her quilt up...she toddled off to put the binding on straight away so she can give it to her daughter next week :) :)