Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Hi My Name is Nicole and I am Addicted to Swaps!!!!

So if you have been following along on my Facebook page or even my Instagram page 
you would be aware that in the last year i have been doing Sewing swaps 
with people all over the globe....

when i first started do swaps it was just after I joined the Crafty Gemini Quilt 
club...as I had never done them before i felt this was a safe place to start...So far I have swapped with people everywhere from Australia, England,Ireland,Canada and USA.
We get an email with our partners details and then we chat through out the month 
getting to know each other...it really has made in my opinion The Crafty Gemini Quilt Club 
a tighter quilting community...I love it lots of fun and great people too.

I have been doing them with the CGQC for 18 months now and have only 
missed 2...my experience was so positive that I met others that were doing them 
through the The Sewing Swap on Facebook they have a series of swaps happening every month
is could be table runners or blocks or just a fabric swap
I did a couple with them and I also joined up with their Birthday swap Club via this group.
how the Birthday Club works is, we each send a fat quarter to each person in the group in the month of the birthday 
so we all get 45 fat quarters as there are 46 in the group...
again I had a really good experience....and have met some amazing people 
in this group :) :) 

That led me to Instagram, I had been watching a FB friend Karen from Vintage.strings on Instagram doing all these wonderful projects.
 I asked her one day what they were for and she told me about the Instagram swapping.
 So a couple months ago I jumped in and signed up for my first swap
the Black and White Quilt Swap hosted by @shoppershaz....I had a ball making the mini quilt for my partner...I love the Mosaics that we put up for inspiration and how they different we all are 
it gives you and idea of what your partner likes...My partner gave me some really good ideas and clues to what she liked..she mention that she liked a kite shaped quilt in her mosaic...so that got me to thinking...I had just received my 5inch slicer from the Crafty Gemini and I thought that would work perfect for this swap...(pictures to follow in another blog post)...of coarse you don't know who is sending to you ...you only know who you are making for....and the continual posting of sneak peaks and progress is really fantastic as it keeps you guessing.....

I have enjoyed my self so much of the the last 18 months CGQC that I am still signing up for swaps each month...and My Instagram experience was soo positive that I have signed up for another 2 swaps 1.Over the Rainbow swap 
2. Falling for fall quilt swap 
and there are a couple that i am looking at :) :) 

I will keep you posted on what i am making and what i receive from my swaps 
below are just some of the things that i have received  and made over the last 18 months from the 
CGQC...I am still working on some of the block swaps and turning them into quilts I will post the pictures when they are finished :) :) 

Happy Quilting and Swapping ") N