Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Summer Break Miss S's Story Part 2

here is part 2 of Miss S (9yrs) for those of you that are following her journey.....Over the Christmas break i gave my girls the choice of what they wanted to make out of their stash of fabric...Yes they already have a stash LOL...anyway here you can see Miss S making herself a little cushion cover...then she dropped the bomb shell that she wanted to try a sample block from a Quilt I designed a few years back Called the Bakers Dozen....she chose block 9 called Rolling Stone...its not a hard one so i was great full for that :) 

Next she moved on to choosing her colours and as you can see a lot of thought was going into it LOL.....she finally decided on pinks and black...they looked very striking that is for sure :) 

then it was onto measuring and cutting out her fabric...I was very suprised she had done a wonderful job... she took it nice and slow 
as to not make a mistake......I just love the concentration on her face :) 


 then she went on to sewing her block together...i missed getting some pictures 
as i was on the phone with a customer...but here I managed to get her with her first 2 parts of the block...she was using the stitch and flip technique here...
I was very impressed with her skills as she was working along....
she kept plodding along and it took her 2 days of sewing and unpicking her block until she got it right for assembly :) 

Here >>>>>> you can see her with her finished block ready to make into a cushion cover :) 

gotta love it with the creativity strikes in the little ones 

Happy Quilting and Crafting ") N  

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