Thursday, 31 July 2014

Monthly Newsletter August 2014


Darvanalee Designs Quilting Service
and Singer Sewing Machines
Monthly Newsletter August  2014

WoW August already…. I can’t believe that Another Crafty Month has past...with lots of fun creating...A solid Month of “Sit’n’Sew” saw lots of new projects
and lots of things being finished off too
you know all those UFO's that we put to one side
our "Sit'n'Sew" classes are great for getting them
all finished

We have another wonderful month
of crafting to sink your teeth into

Fridays are set classes so please refer to the
calendar below for all the dates and times…
School holidays have been and gone so we are back to having our
usual Block of the Month and Template Class on Friday’s
and back to some crafty classes
for the times and dates
you can click on the picture of the calendar below
and you can then
print it out for your reference
that way you will be sure not to miss a
class :)    

Monday Sit’n’Sew Classes  are starting to move along now But we still have several places
available for you to come along to …we also use Monday as a catch up class for those that are not able to join us on Fridays...But bookings are essential
"Sew" if you are a beginner sewer or just want to come along for some
help with your creation...then by all means pop in and say hi and we
will be able to help you

at this point I would like to point out that we have limited space available
in our classes and Bookings are Essential...if you do Book and for some
reason you can not make it could you please either send a TxT or Phone
and let us we have a waiting list for some classes and it is only fair
to others that want to come along thank you in advance for your understanding

we are looking at running another Class on a Wednesday Morning once
classes are completely full and this is not too far away so watch this space
for more details on that  


we are  at the Nanango Markets again this
month...Site 65 is where you find us
although they are forecasting rain and that
will be the only thing that will keep me away
so fingers crossed :)

Sewing Machine Servicing
           Greg from “Sew Help Me” is back again to give
           you machines some tender loving care
he services all makes and models …
so if your machine needs some loving
drop it in on the 20th of August

Shopping made Easy
We Have now made your Shopping with us easier
safer and some of you may know we are
on Facebook but did you know that we are also
on eBay…
Here is the Awesome part... we have combined facebook and eBay together
so now you only have to click on the Shop/eBay tab
on our Facebook page and it will take you
directly to our eBay can browse our
stock and purchase via PayPal or Direct deposit
and that give you the assurance of safe
purchasing :)
we are currently in the process of adding our
bolted/pre-cut fabric to the store
so you will be sure to find what you are looking for :)

and machine Embroidery Supplies
and Singer Sewing Machines are also being added this
coming month
these take approximately 4- 5 days delivery
FREE postage is on all Machines and
you get a bonus gift when you order with us too

(Australian residents only)

Oh and if you can’t find what you are looking for
drop us a line and we will be able to
give you  ETA on the stock especially
MSQC templates
and if you haven’t already “LIKED” our page please do so to keep up to date “)
here is the link either Click or just copy and paste into your Browser


and our eBay store is found here if you are not on Facebook

Classes Classes Classes
1st Friday of the Month is BOM (1st of July)
(Block of the Month)
we are Doing Block 8 this month
and this is a nice easy one this month :)  

Gypsy Bag
I have set this down for the 8th &15th of August
as this will give us plenty of time to finish it
so Bring along some of your favorite
fat quarters from your stash
and make and awesome bag :) :)
it will require a 6 fat quarters and 2.5 meter of
fabric for lining and handles etc
and 1" elastic all of which we have in store if
needed :) :)

Interlocking Table Runner
22nd August
what you need for class
Materials needed:
3 Fat quarters Orange, Blue, and Pink or colours of your choice for the interlocking tiles
(solid or print)
1.5 meter  of white: For color filler, borders, and backing
1.5 meter for binding

Friday 29th of August
Template Class
this month we are doing
we are working with the
Large Simple Wedge
as this class was cancelled in July due to lack of stock
but yay we have them in now Yippee

spaces are limited so please BOOK in ADVANCE

please refer to Calendar for Dates and more info :)
**Calendar is at the end of Newsletter Click Pic and Print out **

Quilting Service
WOO HOO ...we have done it...working a lot of nights
and early mornings but we have got our
turn around on Quilting Services to 2 weeks
If you have a quilt that you are wanting to Quilt
then get it into us asap...Did you Know that we offer a
Binding Service too...why not ask us next time you drop off
your quilt … “)  


Custom Handmade Quilts
Did you know that we also make Quilts to order here at
Darvanalee Deisgns....
so if you don’t have the time to make one yourself then
why not ask us and we will be happy to make you what
you are looking for...they start from $250 as it will depend on your
fabric choice and size of your quilt...we are also in the process of
looking and getting some awesome Kits in too this will make
this price come down in the near future...and lets face it we all
love a bargain :)
so why not give a call today and find out more :)
because we believe everyone should be snuggled under a Custom
handmade Quilt :)

Fabrics & More
More and More Fabrics are arriving weekly
Pop in to see what we have on offer
we have a range of Wide Back quilt backings
and we stock Matilda’s Own Waddings
Cotton/Bamboo/Polyester and 100%Wool on request “)
we also have a wide range of Templates from a variety of different companies
and we  are the Authorised stockist of Missouri Star Quilt Co templates
and  we are also stocking their
new Bi-Monthly Magazine called “BLOCK”
each magazine comes with 10 patterns and no adverts
in the magazine...the way a magazine should be..pop in as we only have limited
stock of Issue 3 left...but Issue 4 will be arriving soon so get in and reserve your copy today :) :)  you can also pre-order Issue 4 by dropping in or giving us a call “)
or check out our eBay Store link is above

If you missed out on an issue of MSQC “BLOCK” magazine or know of someone that was wanting it ...we have some more stock arriving soon of isseue 1 and 2  
I will keep you posted so watch this space for
more details

Now on to the Fun Stuff
Classes Yippee :) :)

All Classes run from 9.30 am to 12.30pm
there is a class fee of $10 plus Materials
bookings Essential on as we only have
limited spots left :)
Ph: 4163 6631 or 0429 55 1970
Come join the fun with like Minded People
Morning Tea is Provided
**Click on the Image to Print out for your records**


Happy Quilting “) N

Holly is one Lucky Girl Quilt #63

Wow Time goes by so quickly theses days it has already been a week since my last post .
thing are humming along nicely here at
Darvanalee Designs

Lots of quilts getting quilted
we have even stepped up our
Handmade custom quilts for those
wanting a special hand made
gift for their loved ones
anyway enough about that for now

Today we are displaying one of those special
handmade custom quilts
for one very special little Princess
Miss H

Magenta first approached me at the beginning of the year to make her special Little Boy Nathan a lovely can read all about Nathans quilt here.......
head over to Nathans FB page to see his story you find it Here

Magenta wanted the same pattern but in a pink it is a Riley Blake pattern and it can me found Here :) we made a change to this quilt... we decided to changed a the cornerstones in the sashing so we picked out the fabric in the case we used
 Riley Blake "Lovey Dovey"
just perfect for a little Princess :)

so then it was onto the Cutting of the fabric
I used a Fat Quater pack for this quilt :) 

so as you can see we got to cutting up all the squares that were needed and then it was on to the sewing up the 4 patches

I love the sewing of these quilts as you just know that they
are going to be love and cherished for a very long time
and the colours in this range are just divine
below you can see some of the 4 patches coming together
some might wonder why so many pictures of the different stages
well the answer is simple...You see Magenta has received these pictures
so that she can be part of the quilt making is part of the service that you
receive when you commission Darvanalee Designs
next we moved onto the lay out of the quilt and that is always the fun part yay

so after some time of sewing and piecing the wonderful quilt together
we moved onto the quilting was finally time to load the quilt
into the machine YAY my favorite part :) :)
for this particular quilt
we went with an all over
quilting Design of "Cupcakes"
they are sooo cute ....

I also used a deep pink colour in the cotton
as we wanted them to stand out too

it took a few hours to get it finished and you can see my video of how they stitch out
and why as longarm Quilters we need the
extra backing and wadding fabrics Here

Magenta took delivery of her Daughters
quilt last week just in time for her birthday

we even put a little label on the back so she knows what is for when Miss H gets older
and she can tell her kids all about her
beautiful Quilt :) :)

Happy Quilting ") N
below are the pictures of the finished quilt :) 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Its all Scrappy Quilt #62

well here we are at Quilt #62
I must say this year is flying by 

today we are looking at Tania's Quilt 
from Wondai 

I first Met Tania when I was quilting 
in a local craft shop a few years 
back...and just recently Tania 
has decided to come and join
us on a Monday morning for 
our classes...although this Quilt 
was made at home and not in class 
time...I just love the use of all the fabrics 
in this quilt 

it is very much a stash buster this one :) :) 

so today I have used an all over 
quilting pattern called "peace"
this pattern is fast becoming my favorite 
quilting pattern :) 

we used a cream cotton on the 
top and back of the quilt 

and as you can see from the pictures 
it is amazing...a lot of time has gone into
this quilt :) :) 

I love stash busting quilts 
what better way to display all these lovely fabrics 

I can't wait to see the next quilt that 
Tania is doing :) :) 

Happy Quilting ") N

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Red and White All over Quilts #61

Today we are looking at another quilt 
by Lisa of Kingaroy 

this is Lisa's 2nd Red and White Quilt 
her fist one was made for some friends of hers
but like with most of us she just liked it 
too much and decided to not to give it away 
you can see the quilt 

Lisa achevived this quilt by usuing 
Missouri Star Quilt Co's "Crazy Quilt templates" 
you can find them here Crazy Quilt Templates

we used to the same quilting pattern as the last one I done for her
Called "Wave on Wave" all over Quilting designs 
ans we used a red variegated thread on the top 
and a solid red on the back of the quilt with a
black and white backing :) 

it turned out just gorgeous and I can't wait to see Lisa's 
next master piece :) 
and one lucky friend indeed will get this adorable 
quilt :) :) 

and speaking of next quilts
I better get to it :) 

Happy Quilting ") N

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Black white and red Quilt #60

 I have been very busy in the last couple 
weeks with the end of the financial year
and school holidays 
I have not had a chance to 
blog the quilts that i have 
done in the last couple weeks "(

Today we are looking at Debby's quilt 
its a great combination of 
reds and blacks whites and grey 

we used a  leaf
all over quilting design
using a grey thread 

I was very happy with this design
the last time I used it :) 

well i better get cracking and on to the 
next Quilt 

Happy Quilting ") N