Sunday, 6 September 2015

Yolande's Quilt #54 Snoopy Quilt

Yoland's Snoopy Quilt

#quilt54 can see the video Yolande's quilt is all finished trimmed and ready to go....this is a gift for her son for his 21st birthday....although it has been in the making since he was 3yrs old....I just love getting these sort of projects in store....finally finished and seeing the light of day....such a cute all the snoopy embroideries too...

I am sure over time I will get used to this video and editing software
lol...Very nervous hearing myself on audio :/

see still shots below :)

Happy Quilting ") N

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Quilt #53 ") Helen's Quilt

Today I thought I would try
something a little different in documenting
the quilts I do for customer's

I am very new to this Video thing
and YouTube....don't get me wrong
I have been using YouTube for some years
now for How to and DIY projects...

I have also up loaded a few different videos
on different things like my daughters using the
Quilting machine for the first time :)

but today is my first Video show and tell
as you will see and here in the video
I am nervous as hell...but I think you get the
Gist of what I am doing to Helen's Quilt

so here is the link to today's Quilt :) :)
again sorry about the nervousness

well I am off to load up the Next Quilt

Happy Quilting ") N

Oh YaY Spring is Here ")

Oh Yay Spring is here...

this time of year is my Favourite time of the year,
Birds are chirping and flowers are blooming
and everything is starting to look green again :) :)

The days are starting to get warmer and I have noticed
that People are starting to be happier ...

A time for New beginnings
and open up our Home after
a long cold winter...In my house it is also
time for major spring clean...
especially my Stash Room
its looking like a cyclone has
gone through there LOL....

I hope all of you have a wonderful
spring time too...

Happy Quilting Everyone ") N