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How to Make a Lace Zipper Boxed Pouch with Handle

Lace Zipper  Boxed Pouch with Handle 

What you will need & Cutting Instructions 
Downloadable File & > HERE
Supplementary How-To Video > HERE

Cut 2 Exterior Fabric  10" x 9" 
Cut 2 Lining Fabric 10" x 9 
Cut 2 Fusible Foam 10" x 9  (Bosal, Matildas Own or Annies Soft'n'Stable)
Cut 1 from Exterior Fabric and Interfacing  a strip 8" x 4" (Handle)
Cut 1 from Exterior Fabric a strip and Interfacing 4" x 3" (Pull Tab)
You will also need a Lace zipper.
General Sewing supplies 
Zipper Foot for your sewing machine 
So let's get sewing 

Now that you have all your fabrics and foam cut to size we are now going to do some prep work...

1. Take all your exterior fabrics, including your handle and pull tab.
Next, you are going to fuse the fusible foam to the wrong side of your
Exterior fabrics, starting from the middle of the material and working
to the outside of your rectangle, repeat for the second piece of you
Exterior fabric set aside. Next, we take the handle piece and pull tab and iron on the SF101 interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric. Now let's start sewing.

2. First, we make your interfaced handle piece, by folding in half long ways with the wrong side of the fabrics touching.  Now open back up and take the raw edge into the centre and press, and repeat with the remaining side, next fold it onto itself, so you have all the raw edges into the centre and the fabric is facing out. Now repeat the same technique with the Pull Tab.
Take to the sewing machine and using a 1/8" seam allowance topstitch down both sides, using a stitch length of 3, set aside.

3. Now we are going to make our pouch panels, First place Exterior and Lining fabrics right sides together and sew along the 10" side of the rectangles sew a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Repeat with your second Exterior and lining pieces.
Next, take your sewn Exterior and Lining pieces to the iron and flip
the lining and Exterior right sides out and pin or clip in place along the bottom end. Making sure that your seam is pressed and the lining is smooth.

4. Now we are going to head back to the sewing machine and start to assemble our Boxed lace zipper Pouch. First, take your lace zip and one of the panels, and you are going to lay the bottom edge of the  Lace zip facing up on the right side of your exterior fabric, Line the closed end of your zip with the edge of your panel and pin in place. Attach your zipper foot to your machine. We are now going to Top stitch the zip into place. Using a stitch length of 3, start to stitch don't forget to backstitch, continue until you get to the end of the zip. Moving the zipper pull out of the way if needed. Now repeat with the remaining pouch panel. Now your zip is in place 

5. Next, we are going to remove our Zipper foot and replace it with your all-purpose presser foot. this is important as we will be doing a zig-zag stitch to finish off our pouch, Make sure that your Lace Zipper is open at least halfway. 

6. Now that you have sewn your zip in it is time to lay it flat, you may need to trim it up a little so that the zipper is flush with the edge of your panels. Now that you have done this fold your pouch in half with the exterior fabrics right sides together, you are now going to sew a 1/4 inch seam allowance using a stitch length of 2.8 or 3 opposite end to the lace zip as shown in the video. Making sure you backstitch at the beginning and at the end. Next, you are going to change from a straight stitch to a zig-zag stitch. Using a stitch length of 2 and a width of 4 for your zig-zag, now sew right along that raw edge to finish. This will stop any further fraying of your fabric. 

7. Now lay the pouch flat with the bottom seam lining up with the zipper teeth, pin or clip, so pouch does not move. Next, take a ruler and on each corner make a mark with chalk or a pen 1.5inch square on each corner. Now that you have done that you are going to take your scissors and cut corners out. 

8. Next, you are going to sew the short ends of the pouch, but first, we have to insert the Pull Tab. At the closed end of your zip, not where the zipper pull is when the zip is closed, but at the other end insert your Pull Tab, lining up with seam and the zip (Refer to Vidoe).   Making sure that it is centred.  Using a 1/4 inch seam allowance sew them close and then you will finish off the seams as you did in step 6. Repeat for the opposite end, but this time you don't have to insert a zipper pull.

9. Time, to box up the corners (refer to Video if need be)  at the end where you have the Pull Tab inserted, you are box this end up first. Take one side and close up the opening and pin in place making sure that your seam is laying flat and raw edges are aligned. Now using a 1/4 inch seam allowance sew it closes and again finish with a zig-zag as in Step 6. Repeat with the opposite side.
Next, we are going to do the same thing again to the other end of the pouch, but his time we are going to insert the handle into the opening from the inside of the bag. Sew closed using a 1/4 seam allowance.
Repeat with the other side making sure that the handle is not twisted. once you have done this you will need to finish with a zig-zag as you did earlier. Turn your pouch right side out and poke out all corners. 
TaDa you are done ") 

Monday, 25 June 2018

Show'n'Tell Monday, June 25th 2018

Show'n'Tell Monday, June 25th 2018
Below is the topic Sarah has given us this week...
very insightful indeed... see below the post for this weeks video. 

I had a quilt to hand bind so I brought it with me to my doctor’s appointment so I could busy myself with something productive while I waited. This, of course, perpetuated the usual interest when someone sees me working on a quilt. The front office women could not have looked more than 12 years old and when they viewed my quilt, thought I was this creative goddess that walked on water simply because I knew how to thread a needle. One woman asked me if learned to do what I do from my grandmother, I guess equating the essence of “time” and “quilting” to a couple of generations in the past. I mean my mom could have taught me and not necessarily my grandma.

After I got home I set myself the task to write up my creative genogram. I love genograms; I learned all about them in my counselling classes and actually took just a class where it dealt only in the design and development of a genogram. A genogram is a blueprint of your life. There are symbols and a meaning given to the symbols which represent significant variables in your life. So on the genogram, your history is represented by births, deaths, illness, relationships, financial variables and then lines are drawn which also constitutes their own meanings. For instance: I have a sister so on my genogram you would see me and my sister with this zigzag line drawn between the both of us which means our relationship is fused and dysfunctional because we both go on each other’s last nerve. If we had a healthy relationship, then the line would be a straight line. Genograms are a great gift to give to a couple prior to their marriage so that they can see each other blueprints and take a more proactive stance regarding potential problems. I did a genogram for Mark and I and looking at our blueprints and knowing what I know now, I think I would have waited to marry Mark. Mark’s side of his family has a lot of addiction issues which can really zap you into a vortex of dysfunction if you aren’t prepared. I was not. But that's another story over coffee or whiskey….

This afternoon I created my genogram to try and see how I got to where I am today. I plotted all my family, three generations worth, made a couple of calls to surviving relatives to both sides of my family; speaking french both from memory and throwing in some English and came up with nothing. Lord, I thought someone out there must have done some quilting or sewing….played a musical instrument…anything. I have the most uncreative family. Granted, everyone was well educated but come on…… Anything having to do with art, sewing or quilting you will not find in my genogram. However I am giving creative license to my grandpa who was a kosher butcher so slicing and dicing with precision is kinda like using a rotary cutter on a piece of fabric. So instead of cutting up a piece of Cotton and Steele fabric, he cut up corn beef.

What is interesting about my family though is my generation of my siblings. Actually my brother and I. My brother has this amazing eye for color and design- he doesn’t engage in any of that professionally but he and his wife redecorated their townhouse and my brother did most of the choosing of colors. Even though Mark is not biologically related, that guy can draw and I let him pick out all of our new furniture since I did it the last time and he made some awesome choices - coordinating color and fabrics. And of course there is my love for fabric and what I can do with it.

And once again, the creative bug has kinda sorta skipped a generation. Sophie is not into sewing or quilting but she has inherited her father and my brother’s sense of color and style. She decorated her apartment herself and it is very sophisticated. Her cousins on my side of the family, all boys are not into any of the arts. One is a college professor, one is a lawyer, on is going on to graduate school in statistics, one is a marketing executive.

Of course this dialogue can continue into whether creativity is learned or inherited. I started sewing/quilting when Sophie was 2 and so for most of her life she was surrounded by creativity. However, she never showed any interest in the sewing machine or the fabric.

Show and Tell Monday, June 25th : Tell us about your creative genogram. Is there a family history of sewing or quilting or is your interest based on happenstance? Do you believe that creativity is inherited or learned?

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

5D Diamond Painting Unboxing -- Pink Sewing Machine Review

Image Credit ** Paint with Diamonds

5D Diamond Painting Unboxing Pink Sewing Machine
Paint with Diamonds

In today's video, you can see me unboxing and receiving my very first
5D diamond painting from Paint with Diamonds...In the box, I reveal the
5D diamond painting of Sewing Mends the Soul pink sewing machine that is perfect for my Studio...Keep an eye out for future Start to Finish videos of this one...I am so excited to see this one finished and I have a couple more sewing machine ones on the way too.

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Show'n'Tell Monday Whoops Tuesday 19.06.18

here we are again Show'n'Tell Monday, but this week we are doing it on Tuesday 
as I was running behind this week...not a good way to be at the beginning of the week LOL
Anyway, this is what Sarah wrote this week ...
And My video is at the bottom of the post ") I look forward to seeing your suggestions 

One of my favourite movies is Apollo 13 which is a depiction of how NASA dealt with an emergency in space regarding the space mission and the spacecraft housing 3 astronauts. I don’t want to go into too much detail just in case you have not seen the movie. There is one scene that I can play over and over again where the engineers on the ground had to create a carbon dioxide filter made only with what the crew on the spacecraft had at their disposal and then communicate the procedure to the astronauts. What I love about the scene is the brilliance of the engineers who created a square peg to fit into a round role - the actual design of the original carbon dioxide filter used on the spacecraft. - “fit this into the hole for this using nothing but that.

A pattern and fabric can also motivate the same kind of creativity as building a carbon dioxide filter. I purchase fabric that I would like to use to represent “something” dictated by the pattern, then I purchase enough fabric as instructed so that the construction of the “something” represents the finished dimensions. I cut out the pieces that I will sew together to make that “something. At times I look at all the pieces laid out on my cutting table and i get the same feeling when I watch that scene from Apollo 13 - “fit this into the hole for this using nothing but that” along with “now what do I do with all of that”? Sometimes what I see on my cutting table is totally different than the picture I see on the pattern.

I also have the tendency to purchase fabric, store it and then my some happenstance I discover it and wonder “what in the heck…”. In the past, I just purchased fabric per pattern but I stopped doing that because I am now purchasing fabric that I like independently of any plans. On Monday I purchased some great fabric and when I was putting it away, I noticed some fabric where I didn’t understand where my mindset was and this was before any of the trauma of last month. I examined each of the patterns that I have purchased and nothing clicked between the patterns and the fabric. I looked at the fabric and that scene from Apollo 13 played in my mind but yet I could not think of how to use that fabric or create a “square peg into a round hole.” I even asked Mark’s opinion about what I should use the fabric for but that was as useless as asking him if my tush looks big in my jeans….he just looks for clues as to what he thinks he should say so he cops out and tells me to listen to my instincts. I hate it when he uses my own philosophy against me.

Show and Tell Monday, June 18 - This Show and Tell will be about helping each other out with our suggestions regarding fabric that we have but we don’t know what to do to justify the purchase. Look through your fabric and find some fabric that you have kept but have not managed to find its use. Post a picture of the fabric and let us help you by giving suggestions. There may be some great suggestions that you would have never thought of or you may have to retire the fabric to the great stash in the sky.

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Bunya Mountains Sewing Retreat May 2018

Bunya Mountains Sewing Retreat May 2018
For Bookings Find Us on Facebook at

Darvanalee Designs Studio is now organising Sewing, Quilting and Bag making retreats at the Beautiful Bunya Mountains in South East Queensland. All you need to do is Bring your Sewing Machine, Sewing Notions and Fabric and we do the rest.
We are Now taking Single and Group Bookings for our Next Retreat so,
Come and join in the fun of a Massive weekend of Mini Quilt and Bag making... With lots of giveaways along the way...

** SPOTS ARE LIMITED!!!! and filling fast...So book sooner rather than later to avoid Disappointment... See below for contact information below...

** This is a Kid-Free Event **

**Full Price $370 per person ( we require $125 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot.) From 3pm Friday to 9.30am Monday
**** Please note if you can't come for any reason please contact me we are always happy to work something out regarding your deposit.

Here is some of what we offer you...

** DDs Bunya Mountain Quilt & Bag Retreat Welcome pack on arrival.

** Welcome & Get to know you BBQ on the First day.

** Lucky Door Prize Valued at $250.00 and lots more prizes and giveaways for you to sink your teeth into...

**Food included. We provide the catering to keep the cost of the retreat affordable for everyone (BYO- lollies/choc/chips, Drinks, eg. coke/energy drinks & alcohol etc.)

** Tea and Coffee on tap, with a lovely waitress serving you.

**Facebook information group. This Group will help you to keep you up to date and get to know each other a little bit before the Retreat with sneak peeks, games, giveaways etc.

** For those that might be interstate, we have loan machines for you, just let us know Upon paying your deposit...and in some cases we can organise your project supplies for you, at cost to guest...but don't worry, we bargain shop for you to keep the cost down too... e.g., fabrics..zips..matching threads etc.

** All project patterns, Bag Hardware kits and specialty items are supplied.

** We can organise carpooling from the airport and put you in touch with others that may be travelling from your area...

** Lists of what to bring and supplies needed and what to Prep before the retreat will be posted into the Facebook group, and you will be added to this private group once deposit is received. If you are not on Facebook no worries, I will email you any relevant information...

** The above cover picture is where we are staying overlooking a beautiful 20 acres of Bunya Mountains ...Fireplace to keep us toasty warm, walking tracks for those that want to take a break. A beautiful, relaxed atmosphere for all to enjoy.

** To Secure your spot, contact details are below. We will then send you all the payment details, and we accept PayPal, Direct Deposit and Credit Card over the phone, to make it easy for you to Book your spot

** Extras are available at a cost to guests such as massage, yoga and spa treatments....the information and prices are available upon request...advance bookings are essential...

***Please note we are 30+ Km's from nearest town...There are no ATM's, plan accordingly…We will supply everyone with a Checklist closer to the event.

DD’s Bunya Mountain Sewing Retreat
Hosted by Darvanalee Designs
96 Alford Street
Kingaroy Qld 4610
Ph: Mob: 0429551970 or 07 4163 6631
Find Us on Facebook at

Block of the Month (BOM) Block #6 June 2018

So let us get started!

What you Need:
1 fat Quarter White Fabric - Background (either plain or tone on tone)
1 Fat Quarter Purple ( Either plain or print)
Sewing Machine with ¼” foot
Rotary Cutter
Cutting Mat
Quilting Ruler (Affiliate Link)
Matching Threads
Thread Snips
Best Press
Iron and Ironing Pad

Cutting Instructions:

You can Find your printable cutting instruction HERE

Cutting Instructions

From the White Background Fabric

Cut 10 ✂ 2”  Squares.
Cut 4 ✂ 4⅝ ” squares
Cut 10 ✂ 2” Squares

Block Assembly
Now onto the Assembly of your Block
and Don't forget we have a Video Tutorial for you
to follow along with you can find the Video

We are using SCANT Quarter inch seam allowance throughout the pattern and pressing Seams Open.  Please Reduce your stitch length
2.0 or 1.8 depending on your machine.

First, we are going to create our Half Square Triangles (HST)
You will be creating 20 Purple & White HST.
Reduce your stitch length to 2.0 or lower to what
The machine will allow,
We do this as we are opening up our seams. This action of lowering
Our stitch length will stop the block from coming apart.
To Create your 20 HST units, you will,
take your white and Purple  triangles from cut A
with right sides together sew an
Scant ¼" inch seam allowance from one corner
diagonal to the opposite corner.
Now Press open.
Your HST should now look like the picture below
Repeat with the remainder of the triangles,
by chain piece these to save you some time
You will now have 20 units. You will
square these up to 2.5" square.


Next, we are going to create our Pinwheels
as seen below in the diagram,
for full instructions on how to make these
please refer to our supplementary video HERE
These should measure 4.5" as well...if they don't then
trim them, by taking a little off each side. This will stop them from
looking a little off.

sew these units together to create your
Pinwheels as shown below

Remembering to use scant ¼” seam allowance and press your seams open
Not sure how to do this, Please refer to the Video
We have posted on YouTube.
You can find it HERE

And don’t forget to Subscribe while you are
There that way you won’t miss out on any
Of my future videos.

Now onto Block assembly

Step 1.
Assemble your first row as pictured below

Step 2.
Assemble row 2 like pictured

Step 3.
Assemble row 3 as pictured below

Step 6.
We now are going to assemble the block follow the
images below and the arrows...
Make sure that you press your seams open and nest
your seams..refer to the video if you are not sure.

Row 1
Row 2

Row 3

Your block is now assembled and ready to be set aside
do not trim your block until we have all 12 finished
Make sure that you have ¼” around the block we will not lose any points when it
Comes to final Assembly of your quilt. Set this block aside.  

Finished Block
Called “Pin Wheels ”

I hope you enjoyed your Sixth block for the Block of the Month.
Please don’t forget to share your gorgeous blocks with our
Facebook Community and Crafty Friends
We all love seeing what you are creating.
Join us again next Month for another Block

Happy Quilting ") N