Monday, 23 April 2018

Show'n'Tell Monday April 23rd 2018

Monday Show'n'Tell April 23rd, 2018
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Show and Tell Monday, April 23rd -
Today's topic for Show'n'Tell Monday is...Tell us about on traditional kill you have acquired, that you refuse to relinquish to a Short-cut....Comment below this video...we always love to hear from our community...remember above all have fun...and if you have yet to join our Facebook Group then click the link below, and we will approve you :) :)

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Sunday, 22 April 2018

How to Make Quick & Easy Coasters

How to make Quick & Easy Coasters

These coasters are another go-to gift I make when 
I am in a pinch...Better still they are a great way to 
use up some of those scraps that you have laying around...

So what are you going to need: 

4.5" squares of Fabric ( I used white) you will need 8 for a set of 
4 coasters 
4.5" square of either Cotton Batting, Fusible Foam or Fleece...
you can even use Insulbright too... you will need 4 
2.5" squares of contrasting fabric you will need 4 of these 
2.5" square of Heat'n'Bond you will also need 4 of these 

if you don't have these items you can find all that you need to make this 
project by clicking the following link  HERE including the fabric that was 
used in this project...

Now onto the project...Head over to our YouTube video for 
all the information you will need to make these cute 
Fabric Coasters...

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Show'n'Tell Topic

This weeks show'n'Tell is an awesome one...

I love reading what Sarah has to say each week
when she offers up the weekly topic and this week 
is no exception...

As Sarah wrote this week for DDs Quilting & Crafting Group 
see the topic at the end of the post...

I’m going to try and not get too convoluted about next week’s Show and Tell topic though it is pretty interesting, well to me anyway. Another reason why I wished I lived closer to everyone. This topic would certainly inspire a couple of hours of great conversation and coffee. Perhaps some bakery items but to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Starbucks bakery. Plus I’m back at school - UVA having received the official word that I was accepted into their PhD program in psychology. One of my coping skills is when I hit a wall about trying to understand the human condition, I add another degree. lol. Plus I want to just finish my trilogy so it's a good thing.

In 2015 Mark Lipinsky started this group and, I guess philosophy pertaining to creativity. Slow Stitching basically inspires people to slow down the actual process of creating so that one can enjoy the activity; that “enjoyment is spent that has a positive effect on the body, on what you create and your legacy.” I love that, said the person who owns an Instant Pot, an Accuquilt, a Walking foot, sewing machines that can FMQ and the fastest internet speed on the face of the planet. I am always appreciative of anything that makes quilting easier. I thrive on shortcuts but I’m not too sure that “fast” is conducive. I do wonder about future generations who attach themselves to the process of quilting but may never experience how to cut a piece of fabric when they have something like an Accuquilt at their disposal. The process of hand quilting may indeed become a lost art in lieu of FMQ, which is an art in and of itself but a long arm makes that process (FMQ) faster than hand quilting. And of course, sewing machines that zoom across a piece of fabric instead of hum. Oh, and I have one of those machines that zoom.

Sometimes the rationalization of faster is due to the limited amount of time that pushes people into a mind frame of “getting it done the fastest way possible. Moving on to the next project becomes a goal and I wonder what that does to not only the creative process but to the actual enjoyment of the time spent making a quilt. Shortcuts are appreciated but shortcuts may spill into the reality of life where instant gratification takes priority over delayed gratification. I for one think shortcuts are a privilege rather than a right. For myself, learning how to do things “old school” creates the underpinnings of having a solid base of understanding how things actually come together and especially answers the question of “why.”

When Sophie was a child (and this couldn’t be a Show and Tell Monday if it didn’t mention my gem. I’ve learned so much from being her mom that that knowledge does spill over into quilting) we didn’t have velcro shoes. All of her shoes had laces so that she could tie her shoes and understand the concept of tying laces, a skill that should be acquired and practice before allowing a shortcut. We also got rid of all of our digital clocks so that she could learn to tell time using a face clock with numbers and with Roman numerals so that time wasn’t just reciting numbers on a digital clock but actually understanding the concept of whole numbers along with minutes and seconds. We would rather have heard “the big hand is on the 5 and the little hand is on the 12” then a just a recitation of numbers.

I like taking my time when I have something under my sewing machine needle. I don’t like to be rushed and usually, when I hear “shortcut” my mind is already wondering what was the traditional way…what am I missing…fill me in and let me decide which way I want to go? Slow and steady is my basically my motto when I create. One part of the philosophy of the Slow Stitching group is that of legacy. To me, it doesn’t matter if I finish something quickly where I end up with a thousand quilts, bags, mug rugs, embroidered stuff but through that rush and the acquisition of so many projects my neck and back ached, I skipped knowledge, I missed time spent with Mark, Sophie or my friends and family or the worse yet, I can’t remember having actually made something because it got lost in that rush. I gave my brother and his wife this quilt I had made last year and it was nice being able to tell them the details of how the quilt was made instead of having a blur. The quilt wasn’t just a pattern and fabric but the representation of what was going on in my life at the time.

Show and Tell Monday, April 23 - Tell us about one traditional skill you have acquired that you refuse to relinquish to a “short-cut”
Have a GREAT weekend!

Thanks again for another great topic, Sarah...
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Friday, 20 April 2018

Diamond Painting...Even Kids Can Do it 😊...Kai's First Diamond Painting

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Diamond Painting...Even Kids Can Do it...Kai's First Diamond Painting

You can Diamond Painting Kits Here ▶

In This Video, Kai.B Shares her video of her doing her very First Diamond Painting, Yep that's right her First Diamond Painting...and she is hooked on the craft/Hobby... Diamond Painting is such an easy craft that even kids can do it...Kai has more Diamond Painting Kits on the way, she has also got her sister hooked too...For your own Diamond Painting Kit Check out the link above to all the gorgeous designs you can get in Diamond Painting. They come in different sizes too... There is something for everyone's tastes... Thanks again to Bec and Kai for allowing Darvanalee Designs Studio to share your Diamond Painting video with our YouTube Community.

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Here at DDs, we Love, and I mean Love seeing what you are making off the channel. You can share your creations with a creative and supportive community on our Facebook group you can join here.

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Monday, 16 April 2018

Show'n'Tell Monday, April 16th 2018

Show'n'Tell Monday, April 16th, 2018

So what is show and tell Monday?...

Well put simply this is something that we do in our Facebook Group
each we are given a topic to ponder the Thursday before, then I post a YouTube video On the Monday Afternoon Australian Time. This is so that the rest of the world will wake to
it on Monday morning.

Then members of the group answer or show us what the theme is...
in the comments directly below the post...
So I thought I would share this with the broader community,
so here I am showing this weeks topic.

If you have yet to join our Facebook Group, then why not
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Each week Sarah Posts up a new topic for us on a Thursday, and this was her post this week :) :) 
This week's YouTube Video can be found 

Show and Tell Monday, April 16th - Alrighty…get your walking shoes on, take that dog or cat with you on a walk or even a spouse or friend and look for patterns…
something that could be used as a quilting pattern, take a picture and post it or describe it to us if you are one our YouTube Comments...
The only rule is, you can not use anything in your sewing room. Although I did show what I was going to use in my sewing room to complete the inspiration, I get from the Trees at the end of my Street...
That would be too easy because being in that room will create the ease of finding a pattern. So you have to really “look” beyond the comfort of your sewing room. You will be AMAZED at what you discover.

"Till next time
Happy Quilting & Crafting ")

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Block of the Month (BOM) Block #4 April 2018

Block #4
Handy Andy

So let us get started!

What you Need:
1 fat Quarter White Fabric - Background (either plain or tone on tone)
1 Fat Quarter each Orange and Yellow Fabric ( Either plain or print)
Sewing Machine with ¼” foot
Rotary Cutter
Cutting Mat
Quilting Ruler (affiliate Link)
Matching Threads
Thread Snips
Best Press
Iron and Ironing Pad

Cutting Instructions:

You can Find your printable cutting instruction HERE
a colouring page for you to use HERE
or you can use the table below

Cutting Instructions

From the White Background Fabric

Cut 6 ✂ 3⅜”  Squares then cut diagonal to yield 12 triangles.
Cut 9 ✂ 3” squares
Cut 2 ✂ 3¾” Squares and diagonal once and then again
to yield 8 triangles
Cut 4 ✂ 3⅜" Squares then cut diagonal to yield 8 triangles.


Cut 2 ✂ 3⅜" Squares then cut diagonal to yield 4 triangles.
Cut 2 ✂ 3¾” Squares and diagonal once and then again

to yield 8 triangles

Block Assembly
Now onto the Assembly of your Block
and Don't forget we have a Video Tutorial for you
to follow along with you can find the Video

We are using SCANT Quarter inch seam allowance throughout the pattern and pressing Seams Open.  Please Reduce your stitch length
2.0 or 1.8 depending on your machine.

First, we are going to create our Half Square Triangles (HST)
You will be creating 4 Orange & white HST and 8 Yellow and white HST.
Reduce your stitch length to 2.0 or lower to what
The machine will allow, We do this as we are opening up our seams. This action of lowering
Our stitch length will stop the block from coming apart.
To Create your 4 HST units, you will,
take your white and Orange triangles from cut A
with right sides together sew an
Scant ¼" inch seam allowance from one corner
diagonal to the opposite corner.
Now Press open.
Your HST should now look like the picture below
Repeat with the remainder of the triangles.
You will now have 4 units.
Now repeat for the Yellow Triangles
you should have 8 Yellow and white units.
Press seams open and trim to 3 inches square.


Next, we are going to create our hourglass blocks
take your 8 remaining orange triangles and 8 remaining white triangles
and with right sides together sew 4 sets of the triangles with white on the left
and orange on the right-hand side...then repeat with the remaining triangles
but this time with the orange on the left and white on the right.
Then once they are sewing together, you will then nest your seams, pin and sew together
to form an hourglass block...Trim to 3-inch square

Remembering to use scant ¼” seam allowance and press your seams open
Not sure how to do this, Please refer to the Video
We have posted on YouTube.
You can find it HERE

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Hourglass Block 

Now onto Block assembly

Step 1.
Assemble your first row as pictured below

Step 2.
Assemble row 2 like pictured

Step 3.
Assemble row 3 as pictured

Step 4.
Assemble Row 4 as pictured

Step 5.
Assemble Row 5 as pictured

Step 6.
We now are going to assemble the block follow the
images below and the arrows...
Make sure that you press your seams open and nest
your seams..refer to the video if you are not sure.

Your block is now assembled and ready to be set aside
do not trim your block until we have all 12 finished
Make sure that you have ¼” around the block we will not lose any points when it
comes to final Assembly of your quilt. Set this block aside.  

Finished Block
Called “Handy Andy”

I hope you enjoyed your Third for the Block of the Month.
Please don’t forget to share your gorgeous blocks with our
Facebook Community.
We all love seeing what you are creating.
Join us again next Month for another Block

Happy Quilting ") N