Sunday, 26 January 2014

Summer Break :) Miss S's Story Part 1

Today I thought I would share with you what my 
precious little girls have been up to 
over the summer break...

This coming week they are heading back to school 
after 7 weeks of Summer Holidays
Unfortunately for them I only had 2 weeks off over the Christmas and New Year break 

but then on the other hand they were very excited to help me out in the studio 
and the shop...
as it was a little quieter than normal I thought it would be a good time the get them creating.... some bigger projects 

The Divine Miss N (7yrs) was not too sure about she was happy to just 
be hanging around 
and helping me with some custom quilts 
learning to fold the fabric onto bolts and just being a 
wonderfully helpful apprentice :) 

Miss S (9yrs) on the other hand was very eager to get in and have a go 
so she toddled off to get some of her UFO's (unfinished objects)
she came out with a charm pack quilt top that she had been 
practicing her nesting of seams for some time now...she continued with this 
and soon realised that she needed to unpick a few rows as they were 
not meeting up too well....I love it when she can see that she needs to take more 
care with her lining up of seams....

I know this about teaching kids 
some you can't explain it to...they have to come to it themselves 
and My Miss S is very much like this LOL...

so for a couple days she worked on her little lap quilt 
and she finally got it finished ...she was proud as punch with her achievement.

she then asked me to quilt it for her...I had other ideas LOL 
so on the Sunday after she finished her quilt top....I got 
up early and loaded it into my Longarm Machine 
My Baby...HandiQuilter Avanate Q18...That no one ever uses...I might add

so when she woke that morning I was out in the shop and she came looking for me as 
she dose for her morning cuddles...The Divine Miss N was on the lounge and knew 
what was happening...she had the biggest grin on her face...
you know the one "I've Got a Secret...nah nah nah nah look  LOL 

So Miss S comes out and sees her quilt in the machine and 
says" oh mummy are you going to quilt that for me today" 

I turned to her and said "well no hun, I think you are going to do it" 

I can tell you that smile would have lit up the universe 
I have never seen someone so excited 
as you can see right here in this photo...
and you know what I was very excited to to be passing down this 
to my Miss S...

here is the video of Miss S using the machine
I am one very proud mamma and wanted to have this moment on film :) 
sorry for my annoying voice LOL

at this stage The Divine Miss N got in on the 

act...she was missing out and that is just not one LOL
you can see The Divine Miss N putting her 2cents worth in 
she was very nervous and had a bit of  a death grip going on 
and I had to keep reminding her not to hold her breath...
but after a while she got the hang of it and was really getting into it 
I love teaching kids as they are not afraid to try new and exciting things 
and from this point a quilter is born...

she no sooner finished her quilt on the Longarm and she 
was onto another one :) this time she is making a present for one of her 
sister's...which on I do not know she is not telling anyone LOL 
but this time she said she wants to practice keeping everything 
nice and straight and get her quarter inch seam just right....LOL 
I think she may have been listening to me teaching a beginners class...
oh well at least she is taking it in :) 

keep an eye out for part 2 of Miss S's story will be posting in a couple days 
she is just doing some final finishing touches :) :) 

Happy Quilting ") N

Photo Bombed by The Divine Miss N lol

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