Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Last Day of My Break

The day has come "( 
my last day of the Christmas Holidays
with the family

Hubby has returned to work today and I have one
more day left "(

It was a massive 2013 for 
Darvanalee Designs I worked right 
up till Christmas Eve

I was feeling exhausted by the end of November 
and knew that I had to book in some 
down time...
 some Me time and 
Family time...

And that is exactly what we did 

It gave me time to think and do nothing and as most of you know 
I work from home so it is hard to get that work/home life balance right
hard to not go out and hangout in the studio and just keep working...
But I did I managed it 
although I will say I did do some sewing but it was something for me 
something that I have wanted to do for a sometime now ....it is still a 
"Work in Progress" (WIP) but it was something for me.

It made me realize just how much I have missed doing things for me and the family 
as I love to create and I love getting the girls creating too ") 
While I was sitting there sewing away and chatting to my little people 
and just generally having a great time....It got me thinking I need more of 
this in my life ") 

So I need a plan and I need to write it down 
where I am going to see it everyday 


A good Friend of mine Gail gave me a Diary for Christmas 
so I got hold of it and I started to plan out my year 

seems silly right to start planing our your whole year 
but here is what I have done 

I have booked in my work time 
Monday to Friday 9:30am  to 2:30pm 
Some might say that is not much time for working 
but when you are sewing and quilting and teaching 5 days 
a week you need down time 
and I failed in this last year...
In this time I will be fitting in everything related to 
my work...Everything from pattern creating/Quilting/ Classes and Class
samples ") 

In the past year I have neglected myself and my health and 
I can't keep that up as I will burn out before I know it :) 
although I did eat healthy most of the time 
exercise was a bit hit and miss :(

Goal: to fit in Daily  Exercise 

So to fit in Exercise I booked in every morning and afternoon a 
walk out in the real world by walking my kids to school and 
walking to pick them up in the afternoons while my girls ride their 
bikes to school...hence my Business hours
being 9:30am to 2:30pm Monday to Friday 
and that is that taken care of ") 
its looking good so far 
and I have booked in half an hour of 
weight training first thing in the 
morning at 6am :) 

Next: Time to fit in some time for Creating with 
my Crafty girls 


Monday and Wednesday afternoons 
are what we are calling Mummy and Me time.....
from 3:30pm -5:30pm ....once they return to school at the end of January
for now they are just doing craft when ever they want ") 
Now this is going to be a bit of a juggle 
as I have to spread myself between my girls...
but they are excited they have even put it in
their Diaries too....there will be no getting out of it now LOL
and I wouldn't want to anyway ") 

Obviously these time may change a little to fit in homework 
and other school activities ") but for now it is a plan
and 1 plan is better than none 

and we have yet to nominate a day for TV during the week
they can't decide just now...but I think my kids spent way too much 
time in front of the TV last year....and they can only play their computer/tables and 
other devices on weekends 2hrs each day no more...I have noticed that their social 
skills with one another has been a bit average of late...
too much wasted time during the week :) and 
they are not being involved with family life 

we are looking at doing some 
things away from the house so I can't 
sneak off and work in the studio 
at the moment we are looking into
Yoga and things like that...to get the 
kids to relax too...:) 
as they have very busy lives too ") 

weekends are just for family time...time 
for visiting the park going on family 
outings and relaxing with my hubby and the 
kids ") 
(Although 1 Saturday a Month is for Markets)

this is the most important 
time to shut down :) 

So I have decided that it is way too easy to 
get caught up in the world of social media 
email/games and everything else to do with the 
internet...so there is now a ban on all
devises in Our bedrooms 
and this is going to sound really silly...
but I have the kids going to bed every night at 7:00pm
some might say WoW this is early...but my kidelts 
really need to sleep...otherwise I have some 
really angry sleep deprived chicky's indeed...
they will read for half an Hour then Lights out

 I have booked in time for me to do my 
from 7:30pm after a quick clean up...
Except for Tuesday nights I have my 
Quilting Club :) meeting 7pm to 9pm 
but this has nothing to do with work 
this is just for me :) 

Bubble Bath by candle light

and then 
Meditation to try and shut down 
I have not really been to successful with meditation in the past, but this year I am going to try harder and longer and not give up soo quick "/ 

Bed at 9:45pm 
where I have a list of Books that I want to read
an actual book not a Kindle and no Internet
Lights out 10:30pm 

Lets Hope I can keep this up I think 
this will create a good Home/work balance 
for all in the house and I might just find 
that I will have a lot less stress in my life 
well fingers crossed anyway ") 

Good Night ")  N

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