Thursday, 9 January 2014

Something a little Different:Quilt #2

Another beautiful day in paradise 
well my paradise anyway ") 

Today I am doing something a little different 
for a customer 

I first met Tanya from Kingaroy about 18 months 
ago when she asked me to save one of her favorite
quilt covers by turning into a quilt for her 

the problem was there were some little 
holes in the quilt cover...

but the challenge was set and she just wanted it to be saved 
and that is what I done :) :) 

and this made for one very happy customer 

since then Tanya has asked me to do this to a lot of her 
quilt covers...some with wadding and some with out 
as dust covers for her couches in her holiday house 
below are some past pics of the quilt covers that I have 
done for Tanya ") 


today I am doing a animal print quilt cover
this one is not having any wadding i will be 
just stitching the to layers together 
as this is a dust cover for her couch so the puppy 
doesn't damage her lounge 

So lets get quilting ") 

so today we are doing a simple stipple
using a white cotton...
below is the close up of the 
quilt ") 

this is not something that I would usually do 
but Tanya was really didn't want to throw out 
her quilt covers 

she has given them a new lease of life and she will get many more
years out of her quilts ") 

Happy Quilting ") N

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