Sunday, 5 January 2014

My Girls Quilting & Crafting Journey

As you would have read in my profile 
I am the proud mother of 3 little ladies 
although at times not so much little ladies 

I have so many nice memories of the girls and their 
Quilting and crafting journey that 
I wanted to journal it for them...
So i thought I might as well do it here
as I am not much of a writer LOL...

So let me introduce you to my lovely 
Girls :) 

 Miss Dj she is my eldest 14ys old 2013

and she is a crazed crafter
speed is her thing lol... 
she loves to give anything a go 
from Quilting to crochet 
and useful things are what she 
likes best...but if she had to choose one
thing she would say bags :)  
they challenge her 
and even though she gets 
frustrated she still gives it her best 

she just loves them 
but lately he has been smitten 
by the humble softies kits 
you get from the Dollar Shops 
or as we call here in Australia 
the "The Cheapo Shop" 

any way as I said she is a speed crafter 
and fast it must be...

Then there is Miss S 9ys old 2013
well what can I say about Miss S 
she is passionate about patchwork
and quilting...she is the next Gernation 
quilter in our family :) 
Miss S....December 2013

she just loves creating...although a messy 
quilter she is getting better 
she has been doing patchwork 
since she was 5yrs old 
below is her very first quilt she done at 
class back in 2010
Miss S....Finished her very first Quilt 2010

Oh how time flies it only seems like yesterday she 
decided that she wanted to take a sewing 
class at our local craft store 

in these pics here she is getting her 
very first lesson on the machine 
in 2010
she looks so tiny and that smile 
is just too cute :) 

Miss S will give anything a go
but she is not one to be pushed 
into something she does not want to 
do....she will patchwork when the 
mood strikes her and that can mean 
anything from one quilt over a week 
or like in the past 2 quilts in 
3 days :) 
I hope you will like her Journey :) 
as much as I do 
here in this picture you can see 
Miss S sewing up her Libary bag 
for the start of school in the New 
Year of 2011 as we were flooded in and had nothing else to do LOL 

and finally we have as we like to call her 
The Divine Miss N ....
The Divine Miss N 
as you will see from her pictures and her journey 
she is a cheeky little monkey 
and she is sooo unlike the other 2 
she is all ways tidy when it comes to crafting
she started using the sewing machine when she 
was 3...but had not really made anything 
she would just get my scraps and sew them 
together and try and make doll 
blankets :) other than that 
up until this year she has mostly been learning 
how to hand embroider
it has been a interesting process of trying to teach her...she gets soo frustrated 
if it is not right or out of place in anyway lol
The Divine Miss doing her first hand Embroidery January 2012 
it took her a while but she got there in the end 
and she has
The Divine Miss N's finished hand embroidery her very 1st one
not bad for a beginner :) 
The Divine Miss N dose not limit herself 
to just sewing she likes to get kits 
and make practical things 

here she is making a Felt jewelry box 

this was a kit that she 
got for her birthday 
she just loved it 
a bit of gluing and 
placing things just so 
and there you have it a 
use little Jewelry box ") 
August 2013 :) 
then it was onto some beading 
as we had to have something to 
put into the Jeweler y box :)

will be posting more quilting & Crafting Adventures
as they happen :)  

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