Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Back to Work : Quilt #1

So what after what turned out to be a massive Quilting year 2013
I took a couple weeks off from Quilting to spend with the family 

we had a lovely Christmas with the girls 
nice and relaxed and quiet 

and we seen the New Year in that 
way too 

The 2 weeks have gone by just a little too 
quick for my liking "(

But now it is back to work as my 
quilting que is already growing for 
2014 so I just better hop to it and get some work done 

here is the first one into the machine for 
made by Debby S of Nanango Qld

I have been Quilting for Debby S for 
approx 3yrs now 
and I think this is the 11th or 12th quilt that 
I have quilted for her :) 

I first met Debby when I was 
working at a local Quilting store 
here in Kingaroy
sadly that shop has now closed  "(

but after a being out of contact 
for a while Debby found me again 
and here I am Quilting for Debby 

I love finishing quilts off for people 
and I love that I get to be a part of
their quilting Journey :) 

So here is Debby's Beautiful quilt 
loaded into the machine and is almost 
ready to be quilted :) 
a few more adjustments like basting and rolling the top 
up into leader bar

this is the pattern that Debby decided on for her quilt :) 

now we start the process of quilting the top 
Debby decided that she wanted to go 
with a Navy Blue cotton 
and as you can see from the picture below 
it is coming along nicely :)  

here is a close up of the back of the quilt 
Looks lovely a quilt in itself ") 

Below are some more of the finished quilt 
Not sure if you can 
see the detail in the pattern 
it really matches goes well
with this quilt indeed ") 


here you can see the lovely 
spiral Pattern

the fabrics that 
Debby use in this quilt 
are just sooo beautiful 
so much so that we are now going
to be stocking as of Feburay 2014 

here is a close of the quilt 
you can see these amazing 
patterns in the fabric in 
this picture

Debby really has done these 
fabrics justice in the 
way she has pieced 
absolutely amazing ") 

 the quilt looks amazing
here you can see the full 
quilt ") 

Just gorgeous ") 

Now onto the Next Quilt 

Happy Quilting ") N

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