Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Quilt #4 Something Old Now Something New

Today as the Title Suggested 
we are working on Something Old

and with the Quilting we are going to make it something New ") 
Leonie H of Kingaroy 
made this gorgeous Quilt 20 yrs ago 
and made an attempt to Hand Quilt it,
but found it wasn't for her..I first met Leonie at the Nanango Markets...
she told me about the quilt when she dropped it off to me 
she said that it had been patiently waiting in her cupboard 
to get finished...

this is what I love about what I do 
I get to finish these quilts so they can see the light of day

the Quilt still had the Basting stiches in the quilt so we had to remove all them too ...My                                                          Eldest Daughter helped me
with that  

 So then it was on the to Quilting today we are doing some In-Ditch stitching and stipple on the outer border using a cream thread and a lot of Ruler work                      

it took 6 hrs to quilt in the end 
it looks soo puffy as she used a 

High Loft wadding...the pictures 

don't do it justice at all...
I think a photography coarse might be 
in order LOL
anyway here are the pictures 
of the finished Quilt 
Now onto the Next Quilt 
Happy Quilting ") N

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