Friday, 24 January 2014

2 For 1 Quilt #7

WoW I can't believe that  January is almost over 
we have been getting ready for the kids to go back to school this coming week
getting books covered and shoes and everything else that goes with getting 
the Kidlets ready for a very busy year ahead ") 

and Just looking at this tittle I have already done 7 quilting jobs 
this year ") 

Today I have done what I like to call 2 for 1 

this is where a customer 
brings me a quilt top and a pieced backing 
and both sides are equally gorgeous

These lovely Quilts belong to Gayle R of Gin Gin 
but is working here in Kingaroy for a spell 

I first met Gayle and her friend Helen early last year 
Helen had me do a quilt for her just before she headed off shore for work

Gayle however has been quilting up a storm in the last year
this is the 5th quilt i have helped her finish off over the last year 
and this is the latest one 

here you can see the pattern template that I am using 
its called Birds on the Wind 

Close up of the pattern as I was quilting it 

here you can see the back of the quilt and the over all pattern the colours are just lovely...and I love that you get 2 quilts for one :) just a quick flip and walah a new quilt with out all the work :) 

and here is the front of the quilt just using a JellyRoll to make the quilt it also has a green strip what they call a Peek'a'Boo
It gives a added little extra to the quilt 

now onto the next one 

Happy Quilting ") N

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