Saturday, 12 April 2014

Quilt #29 A little Custom Quilting ")

I got very excited today
i got to do something a little different 
Custom Quilting YaY 

Meg of Nanango Qld 
contacted me a few weeks ago 
to see if I could do this little number for 
her before the NanArt show inNanango 

as it is show time here I try to accommodate where i can 
as I know these shows and festivals are extremely 
important to these small farming/Country communities
not only do we get to see some amazing works of art 
but some gorgeous Quilts to boot
and brings money to the local economy  

This is Megs Quilt that she has 
done for the show...Meg tells me that she has 
done several of these quilts for 
friends and family...but this one is for herself
 I assume as it has the letter 
"M" on one o her Blocks >>>>>

Meg wasn't sure how she wanted to quilt 
as she normally dose it herself 
so she came over and we went through some tooing and froing 
to try and work out what she wanted to achieve 

so the end result was to just use some fillers and in-ditch 
the bigger blocks...and do some stipple in the larger flower blocks
using a variegated the way Meg that was a nice touch I would have gone with white 

...but the variegated is just divine :) 
I have also shown here the back of the quilt 
so you can get an Idea of what we done 
as sometimes you can not see the 
quilting from the front view :) 

although I don't think that my pictures do this quilt 
any justice at all...I think it might be time to get 
a proper camera and do a photography coarse 
lol...but I am sure that you get the general idea of 
what we have done :) :) 

I love this quilt and I wish Meg the Best of Luck in the Competition 
at NanArt 
if you would like to enter or visit here are the details 
click the link :) 

here is Meg's finished quilt
just beautiful :) 

Happy Quilting ") N


  1. Gorgeous quilt and fabulous quilting....I love this one!!

  2. thanks Debby :) :)...i love this one too....

  3. Meg should be very proud of that quilt. As you should too Nicole.

  4. Thank you...Debra :) ...I can't wait to see how Meg goes :) she is such a brilliant embroider <3 so perfect :) :)