Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Quilt #26 Simple Black and White

I love Simple...I mean who doesn't 
love the simple get away 
from the hustle and bustle....tuning that 
laptop or phone off  even if only for 24 hrs 

well that is the spirit of the quilt I am working on
today...just a lovely Simple black and white quilt 

this one belongs to Kerryn of Nanango Qld 

we have gone with a black cotton top and bottom
and a all over quilting pattern 
called "Bird on a Wire" 

after kerryn receives her quilt back she 
will applique her quilt with 
little birds that are similar in shape 
to the ones in the quilting pattern  Like I said Simple 
just the way I like things :) 

Happy Quilting ") N


  1. I hope Kerryn lets you post a photo of it with the completed applique. It looks lovely and sounds wonderful.

  2. I hope she dose too :) I would love to see it completed :)