Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Quilt #31 and #32 A Little Help form Friends QCWA and I

A couple weeks ago now 
a Local Family lost everything in a house 
A dear Customer of mine brought this 
to attention one day when she popped in to say hi 
and show me a quilt that I had custom quilted for her 
a few months back...she wanted to show me 
at her sons place...it looked lovely..

while we were talking she told me of a Local family 
that had lost everything in a house fire...

she was organizing to get school supplies for the 
kids in the family...I toddled off and cam back with 
2 quilts that I already had previously done...but they were for 
the girls of the house

but the lads of the house missed out 
so I went looking in my stash to see what i had 
I came back out with a couple of panels 
very suited to the boys....one was a "Cars" 
and the other was a Spiderman...

I ask Marian if she could give a couple 
weeks and I will have them done for the Boys 
well I have finally have them finished 
with the help of my 15yr old daughter who 
helped assemble the quilts 
and the QCWA is going to put the                                                       bindings 

on for me as they know it is a busy time of year 

but the boys of this family will now have their own little quilts 
to stay warm under this winter...

Some might ask why...my answer is simple 
I would hope that if I was in the same position that someone
would help out like this too...

happy Quilting ") N 

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