Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Quilt #27...WoW 2014 is Flying by in the Blink of a Quilt

I can't Believe that I am up to quilt #27 for the year 

time is flying by so fast and the classes are 
humming along to 

we have seen a few New customers this year 
that are new to the patchwork and Quilting world

I might add they are loving it..

today's Quilt is from a 
lady that I met at my old work a few 
years ago her name is Lisa A. of Kingaroy Qld 

Lisa Contacted me  few weeks ago 
about her quilt that she is making for one of her boys 

again this one is simple quilt designs 
but the size is what makes you go WoW

the blues are calming and we added clouds as the quilting 
design...using a variegated blue thread on the top 
and a pale blue for the backing 

the backing is a quilt in itself 
as Lisa tells me her boys are aviation mad

so this backing has worked out very nice :) 

here you can see the enormity of the quilt 
I see one happy boy under this quilt for many years to come ") 

Happy Quilting ") N 

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