Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Quilt #25 Busy Busy Busy

Now i know I was supposed to be posting about a 
King size Cross hatched  quilt...
well one thing has led to another and i am 
still working on it...

So I have been working on a few different 
quilts over the last week or so ...

today I am posting about Kylie's Jelly Roll quilt 
I just love the colours that are in this quilt...
this quilt is for her son..

we used a light blue thread with an all over 
quilting pattern called 
"breath of the gods" 

although Kylie was lucky as she 
had chosen another pattern that was 
a little more busy
I posted a pic about it being loaded 
in the machine on my Facebook page ...and she changed her mind on
the pattern...just by skin of her teeth :)
very Lucky lol
below is the back of the quilt 

 but I am glad of the changes as it turned out just divine :) 
even if I do say so myself

this pattern is a new one to my collection 
and people over on our Facebook page just thought 
it was amazing :) and aptly named 

here you can see the finished quilt 
just a sea of blues :) 
so calming 

Happy Quilting ") N


  1. It was very soothing...it was a pleasure to quilt too :) I just love when I get to stitch out a new pattern