Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Mystery Club Quilt #33

As some of you may know we have a 
Thursday night Mystery Quilt 
Club night...

we first started this quilt club at the beginning of the year 
reason being that all the members are part of a group 
on Facebook Called "Just Us Quilters" or JUQ for short 
they were running a Mystery Quilt for the members of the group 
and as we were all thinking about doing it
I thought why do it at home by ourselves 
when we could make a night of it and do it 

well that is what we did
Lynne, Lynda, Gail, Kylie and Myself 
all meet every Thursday and we have been 
cutting and piecing for the better part of 4 months 
we have only been doing this quilt on a Thursday night 
Gail and Lynne have both finish their quilts and the rest of us 
are still a Work in Progress as  we have missed a few nights 
but we are getting there so over the next few weeks 
I am sure that you will enjoy seeing our creations 
JUQ is running another Mystery Quilt and looks like we are doing that one too
although it won't be much of a mystery if we don't get cracking LOL 

the quilt that is pictured here is Lynne's 
Quilt she had the get hers done asap as 
she was going away on a cruise for 
a couple weeks lucky Chica she is 

well now she is back and i have given her quilt 
back and she loved it...and I must say it has turned out just 
I can't wait till all 5 are finish
so we can show you what they look like and how different they all 
are even though the same pattern was used :) :) 
we have been having so much fun doing this quilt 
and keeping each other company in the process 

I love my Thursday nights with the girls 
and it gives me a chance to do something for 
myself :) 

Happy Quilting ") N