Wednesday, 2 April 2014

I am on a Roll this week Quilt #24

As I said in my last post I was quilting for Debby S of Nanango Qld 
this here we are with her 2nd one for the week 

It is a gorgeous 10 min Block Quilt 
using Earthy colours 
I just love these quilts they get rid of a 
fair amount of that ever growing Stash 
and this quilt is not exception 

oopps a little bit wrinkled...
better give it a steam :) 
I love how Debby has dressed up this little quilt 
with some whimsical flowers of matching the fabrics...

today we used a cream cotton top and bottom
and an all over quilting design
using Q-Bot of Flowers 

as you can see from the pictures 
they match this lovely little quilt just 

I am sure that this gorgeous quilt 

be love by the person that receives it :)

                                                       I can't wait to see what Debby Brings in next 
I love her work and it is always a pleasure to quilt them 
for her...I think at last count I was quilt 16 for Debby :) :) 

Happy Quilting  ") N 

I am just about to start working on a King size  cross hatch quilt 
but that is a post for another day :) 


  1. Nice. I will have to read more about the 10 min block quilt

  2. They are amazing to do...great if you have a surprise gift for someone...and as Debby has done here you can decorate them ;) with a little appliqué