Monday, 14 April 2014

Quilt #30....Wonky Star

It has been a very busy couple weeksit has been Quilting Quilting and more Quilting today's quilt that we are showing is from a lovely Lady that I had the pleasure of meeting a couple weeks ago all the way from Chinchilla Qld she first found me through Facebook through a lady that goes by the name of CraftyNess who just happened to tag Jan because i was stocking pre-cut fabrics and Missouri Star Quilt Co products :) we hit it off instantly having a chat about my quilting service as well,after a chat on the phone and Facebook she got to working on her Wonky Start Quilt by Missouri Star Quilt Co
this pattern is also featured in their Bi-Monthly Magazine Issue 1 
for Australian residence you can purchase it here
Issue 1 Found here :)

she came to see me about 2 weeks later to drop her quilt in and while she was here she was telling me all about her

 charity work that she dose for 

Sunshine Linus Inc.if you would like to see what they do just click the link above and it will take you to there page :)they really do a great job :) well done ladies well done :) here is what Jan had to say about her time with Linus and  what she is getting up 
this year with her quilting ")

Ive been doing a box a month for two years now, sometimes they are completed quilt tops or just a large collection of blocks that the ladies assemble. When it becomes cooler I knit or crochet baby blankets or larger ones for the nursing homes. Its really nice to do charity work for two reasons, I can try new patterns or blocks as well as helping others, I see it as a big win all round. My goal this year was to make some quilts for my house and a few for friends, my wonky star was the first cab of the rank. Linus ladies do an incredible job and spread the love to so many. My little Facebook page Ucompleteme is a nice way to show friends and others that you can pretty much create a quilt top out of scraps, or what ever fabric you have buried in your stash. Sometimes I think we need to step back and use what we have, its very easy to look at glossy blogs using new lines of fabric and subtly encouraging us to race out and stock up. The one lesson doing charity sewing has taught me is how many ladies have left behind incredible stash's of fabric that they never got to use I truly believe we need to re-look at how we use our fabric and why keep those two meters of that super special fabric tucked away? your not getting enjoyment from it nor is anyone else."

Why not pop over the Ucomplete me on Facebook and say hi to Jan 
and don't forget to let her know how you found her 
or better still why not contact Linus and see if you 
could maybe help in some way I am sure they will appreciate 
any help they can get :) 
So now lets take a look at the what i hope is a first of many that I get to 
do for Jan and her family :) 

as stated above this is the first quilt that Jan has done 
for herself 
Love the colour choice of aqua blue and the soft colours
of the stars...and that red border is divine really striking :)

we used a light blue thread to blend with the quilt 
and an all over pattern that is new to my collection 
I just love the way to quilted out...
we used a white backing with butterflies
below is the finished quilt :) :) 

and for me I better get cracking on the next quilt 
so again pop over and see Jan on Facebook at her page 
just click the link below

Happy Quilting ") N

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