Saturday, 16 March 2013


Well it has been a long time since my last post...
I wasn't sure where I was going to go with Blogging
so many people kept asking me if I was blogging 
and not being much of a writer I wasn't sure 
how I would really go about it....
so as you can see last year I made an 
attempt to blog some of my little 
crafty bits and was fun,
but I was still not sure how to do this blogging thing 
that everyone was getting into...
So I sort of just stopped doing any sort of 
blogging and just concentrated on Facebook
which when you think about it that is 
a form of blogging lol 
but as I have been quilting along everyday 
since then...this Blog page has been in the back 
of my mind....
 The last couple of weeks it has been really nagging at me 
and with people often asking me how it is going...
and my response  has been "It's Not"
I have decided that I will just blog about 
my day as a Quilter/Crafter :) 
Now as I have so many quilts come my way I have 
plenty of pics to post.....
and I figured that I can put up things that I am working on too.....
and as more and more people are asking 
for tips and tricks for their own Quilting/Crafting
Or do you run classes...
and with a lot of these people not being local to me.... 
I thought that it would be a good place to 

1. Run a Online beginner Class.
2. A place to have tips and advice. 
3. A great place of tutorial for beginner 
and advanced alike.  
so over time I will be sharing different things that I 
experience and things that I find along the way....
My hope is that this will become the go to place for beginners
and advanced quilters/crafters alike....

Now as I said,  I am no writer not by a long shot ") 
So if i make mistakes along the way please 
just bare with me...
I welcome advice too...
so if you have any wisdom you 
want to share please feel free
but lets keep it nice and positive :) 
I do make this promise to you.
I will try to be entertaining along the way 
and I hope I brighten your day too :) 

Happy Quilting <3 N         


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