Sunday, 24 March 2013

Reno's Studio/Shop Day 2

Today is day 2 of the Studio/Shop renovations 
we have just got back with the flooring 

we decided to go with an inexpensive 
option of ply pine ply sheeting 
just to give it that industrial look..

and as we only have a limited budget 
that fit in with ours 

we have the sealer/varnish and 
all the applicators too 
so we can just keep moving on to the 
next part of the job :) 

 as you can see from the images we are starting to get ready...
we first have to sand the ply to get a nice finish
and to save us some hard work a bit later   

Now to start laying down the sheeting 
and I am getting in trouble for playing 
with my phone LOL 

  we have now laid a few sheets 
of the ply down 
as you can see it goes down quick 
it is a bit of a shame to cover up the floor
boards but there are gaps and they 
need to be sealed to make it dust free 

     we are almost done...
 we have screwed down all the sheets
of ply and now I am filling in the holes 
with some wood putty so you can't see 
them :) 

 Ok so now as you can see we have been going 
all day...

we have laid the sheeting and screwed it down 
then filled the screw holes with putty 
and have hand sanded all the boards 
from one end to the other 

now on to sealing/varnishing 
we used a oil based sealer as we have 
going to have people walking on it 
when it is raining they walk in their we
shoes...this should offer some extra
protection for the floor :) 

   the above pic is the floor with its first 
coast of sealer/varnish looks awesome 
this  is one end of the veranda.... :) 

a look at it a little closer :) 
 I love the look of this 
it has made everything so much more brighter 
and that is only after 1 coa
now to let it dry for 12 hours before adding the 2nd 
coat :) ....
12 hours later 
the 2nd coat is going on 
we are putting a total of 4 coats 
Now onto the next part of the job
my Large street signs are going up :) 
and sealing in the window parts of the veranda :) 
Happy Quilting ") N    

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