Monday, 25 March 2013

Reno's Studio/Shop Day 4

Today was a huge day 
 we picked up the sheeting for the windows
and got that up...

that was the easy part ..... 
but now we had to move everything into place
and that was not as easy as first thought
 First we pulled the large frame
and machine apart 

 now that hubby has pulled the machine apart 
it is time to reassemble it in the new 
work area 
  we now have to level it frame out 
so that it dosen't move at all when I stop
the machine when quilting 
it took a while but got there in
the end :) 
and yes I am getting in trouble for playing 
with my phone :) heheheh   

so now the machine and frame is in 
place....I can not wait till everything
else is in its new home :)
 so this is the view from the front
door of the house into the new 
room...this is the small machine and 
frame :)   
 this is the view from the front steps 
looking toward the house 
on the small machine and frame
side of the room :)  
 this is the view of the the large machine 
and frame from the front of the room
so this is the back of the machine and frame :) 
 this is what you see when you walk up 
the front stairs :) some very pretty 
fabrics :)  
 Front view of the the large machine and 
frame and you can see the area is 
coming together nicely :) 

 this is the front foyer of the house 
as you can see some really nice 
backing fabrics
   this is also the front foyer of the house 
we had a linen press here and we decided 
to turn it into a sewing machine 
display case :) with some fabric 
stored under it :) 
    this is a bookshelf that we have turned into 
a sewing machine display case 

the door that you can see in the back ground is 
the next room to be done...
that will have fabric shelving and 
waddings and sewing table for 
all the ladies that love to create 

so as you can see it has been a huge day   
so now I will call it a day and move onto 
the next task...

Street Signs :) 

Happy Quilting ") N

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