Monday, 25 March 2013

Reno's Shop/Studio Day 3

So we are now on day 3 of the 
renovations here at 
Darvanalee Designs Quilting Service 

as you seen from the last post the flooring is down and 
we have put on our 3 coats of Varnish 
and as you can see it 
looks absolutely fabulous 

  Now we are about to start moving things back 
as it has to dry off a little more 
before we can put machines out here...
we are hoping with in 6 hours ....

So six hours have past 
and we have started moving 

the first of the the frames into place    

 Aww the machine looks all lonesome 
there by itself ;)
Now we have to make a quick trip to 
the large machine broke a needle and 
put the timming out again 

and while the machine is out of the frame I will 
pull it apart and get it set up :) 

we are now off to get the perspex
sheeting for the walls we can have 
maximum light coming in and the steel
for the security frames :)     

Happy Quilting ") N        

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