Thursday, 28 March 2013

Finally Quilting Again :)

After days or should I say 
2 weeks I am finally back 
to quilting...
The timing on my Lovely 
machine got thrown out by a 
broken needle....
not once but twice 

so here is what I have been working on 
for the last 4 weeks...

King Size Double Wedding Ring Quilt 
for Roslyn. J. of 
Watle Camp Qld 

really only 2 weeks as the other 
2 it just sat there till the repair man
could get to me...

here is a close up of the pattern 
although the pics don't really do it justice :) 

I thank Roslyn who has been very patient with 
the hold ups...
but has been very excited to be part of the 
process at the same time...
she is looking forward to seeing it 
finished as she has been working on this 
for some time now for her son and his wife :) 

well I better get back to it and get it finished 

Happy Quilting ") N



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