Friday, 29 June 2012

School Holidays Oh what to Do 
a list of fun easy cost effective Ideas

Winter School Holidays started here last Friday
and with 3 kids home we had grand plans of 
heading out doors for the the 2 weeks...
well so far it has been raining and cold 
windy..just plain terrible weather here...
so we had to re-think the whole week...
so lots of indoor activities....and then it got me thinking
we are crafty I will hunt down differnt things that we 
can make that are not going to cost money or next to no money...
so on the first weekend the kids sat and realaxed and 
watch some TV....while I sat on the internet 
going through all my Pinterest Boards and seeing what 
I had there....and thought to myself this is good 
not going to cost any money well very little 
as i have most of the supplies ") this makes me a 
very Happy Crafty Chick indeed ") 
so I had some Ideas and started to share them on 
my Face Book page on the Monday Day 1
and thought i should share them here too

Now I'm not sure who origanlly come up with some 
of these ideas but I have found them on Pinterst or 
on the Net...I am not in anyway taking credit for the 
Ideas or photos that i have posted here in this post ") ....

these are some of the things that I have shared on my Face Book Page 
these school Holidays ") 

 Day 1 and 2
Balloon fabric covered bowl 

this project we did over 2 days as the papier mache had to dry before we put the fabric over ")  
a great way to get rid of some of those old newspapers and fabric scraps ")
 Kid friendly Project for the beginning of the winter school holidays ") happy crafting ") keep an eye for more

Day 3 

Fabric Cover Terracotta Pots  

Here is another great Kid friendly craft idea for the Kids these school Holidays ") Happy Crafting ") another great way to use up all those unwanted scraps of fabric... ") 

Day 4

Kids coloring and Hand Stitchery  

 Hi Everyone well here we are again and another rainy day....well i expect that the kiddies are starting to get Cabin fever by I have some Free!!! Coloring Pics for the kids...100's to chose from...but these are not lost on the older kids either they can use these pages to make their own hand stitchery ") they just have to trace the outline of the pic onto some fabric either calico or homespun....they can just do a simple back stitch or running stitch for the beginners....and there you have it a free stitchery pattern for the Bigger kids....Happy Crafting ")

Day 5 
Twenty Minute Tote 

 Well it looks like the rain may have eased up a bit here today although it is still a bit too cold and wet for the little ones to go outside to day yet again "( anyway today I thought that some of you could pull out the sewing machine and maybe give sew a go with you little one on your lap....I have done this before with my youngest and she just loves we make simple things to see the joy in your little ones face that they are using some so grown up I say give this ago...the Joy they get is worth it and you never know what passion you might spark in them ") anyway here is a link for a quick and easy bag that you can make together and they could use it for a Library bag ") happy Crafting ")

Will be posting more great Ideas that I find to keep those kids happy ") 
and I hope you have enjoyed them as much as we did

Happy Quilting and Crafting ") 

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