Sunday, 17 March 2013


Happy St Patrick's Day everyone :) 

it is another beautiful day here 
so I am thinking that as it is 
St Patrick's Day
and Sunday and not 
much going on 
I thought i would take the 
opportunity to get out 
on my front porch and do some 

so this is my effort for today 

I hope you like the little tutorial
for this wonderful quilt block :) 
The tutorial below asks for 3 colours 
but I have gone with only 2 :)   

now this is a very easy block :)
for the beginners out there
follow the step by step instructions and you 
won't go wrong...

and if you are just starting out in the  world of patchwork 
don't get too hung up on making everything match up 
remember to try your hardest but if is just doesn't seem match up
then just keep going....
You will and I promise over time get better 
with this :)      

             "Beauty Patch" block 

Each finished block measures 12 inches square.  (12 ½ X 12 ½ inches unfinished). 
Instructions:  Use good quality, 100% cotton pre-washed fabrics.
Choose a primarily blue medium shade floral, Hunter green & springy yellow tone-on-tone fabrics, and a white-on-white for the background... or just use what you have in your stash or scrap basket 
the idea is to do it colours that you like.... :) 

Cutting instructions:

    1.   Cut four  3 1/2-inch squares from the Hunter green fabric.


    2.   Cut four 3 7/8-inch squares from the blue floral fabric.  
    Cut the squares diagonally to form eight triangles.

    3.   From the yellow material, cut two 3 7/8-inch squares.
    Cut the squares diagonally to form four triangles. 

      4. From the white material, cut four 3 1/2-inch squares & two 3 7/8-inch squares.Cut the larger squares diagonally to form four triangles.

    Piecing instructions:

      5.   With right sides together, sew each of the yellow triangles to a floral triangle along the long side of the triangles using a 1/4" seam allowance.  Press seams to the floral sides.
      (Refer to graphic )  You will end up with four HST (half-square triangle) pieces.

      6.   With right sides together, sew each of the white triangles to a floral triangle along the long side of the triangles.  Press seams to the floral sides.(Refer to graphic )  You will end up with four HST squares.

      Assembly instructions:
      7.   Using graphic  as a reference, assemble the sections into rows, then assemble rows into a finishedblock.  Remember to pin at each intersection to ensure corners match.

        Your completed unfinished block will measure 12 ½ inches.
        12 inches after sewn into a quilt!
        now that you have finished you 
        block you can either put it aside and 
        make some different blocks for a 
        sampler Quilt.....
          or you can make more and just 
        use this block in your quilt 
            over time I have seen some amazing 
        quilts made with this Star Block  

        here are some pics that I have found along the way :)
        I'm not sure who made these beautiful 
        quilts below they are images that i came across  
        but as you can see they are 4 very different 
        quilts....So let you imagination 
        run is also a great 
        way to use up your stash :)     

        Happy Quilting <3 N          


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