Friday, 22 March 2013

Reno's for Studio/Shop Day 1

So we have been plodding along for months now building 
the Shop/studio and though
we would be further along than we are 
with hold up after hold up and with
the weather is starting to get cold and windy 
so we had to sit and re-think the plan for the 
Studio/Shop we are building..

with my hubby only here for 2 weeks of 
every month it makes it hard 
to get things done...
and with the recent rain it has held things up 
to the point that I wanted to pull my hair out...
we have been operating for the past year off my front porch 
and the long arm machine has been house 
in one of the bedrooms 
 as you can see from the pic here there is not much room for
movement  around the room...
an I am not using the machine to its full capacity       

so we have decided that we are going to close in the 
front veranda and move the Longarm Machine out I have recently purchased another 
smaller machine we need the room 

So today we moved everything off to start 
doing the flooring as you can see from the pics below 
we have a lot move :) 
 so this was my quilt frame that was dividing 
my front veranda in half and 
behind that as you can see from the 
pic below was our home gym 
so we moved it all up to the garage to store it 

 So then we had to pull the table apart and find places for 
all the fabric and notions from the shop 
as you can see we had a fair bit to move  

We have moved everything and 
now it is off to pic up the flooring 

Happy Quilting ") 


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