Thursday, 4 April 2013

WoW What a Week :)

Whoa!!!!! is all I can say 
about this week....

I have been quilting up a 
to say the least....

here is some of what I have been working I have only quilted these 
quilts with my 
Handi Quilter Avante Q18   
which I must say I am in 
love with :) 
the following Quilts have been 
pieced by some very talented ladies 
here in Kingaroy Qld 

this is Margie.R.of Kingaroy  
 The Quilt she is doing is a charity quilt 
for the Koala Foundation here 
in Australia
it is being put up for Auction 
and all funds are going to the foundation :) 
the lucky owner of this quilt will 
be very happy indeed :) 
below is the close up of the 
gum leave pattern    
The following 4 quilts were all done 
by Leanne. M of Nanango Qld ...
Leanne is new to the world of Patchwork and 
quilting...but has already shown 
that she has talent...she is self taught 
but has some sewing experience....I adore 
her colour choices and the simplicity of her 
quilts...they look so effective :) 
it is a pleasure to quilt for her            

Close up of the pattern of the 2 Aqua and orange 
Moda fabric called Flirt 

here she has just used one Moda layer cake for 
her 2  quilts...these are going to make 
great gifts ...

next we move on to Leanne's 3rd quilt 
which i might add ...
when she dropped it off for quilting 
she was not very happy with the colours 
as it is for someone else...
but to me and many others that have seen the quilt
they thought it was just 
gorgeous...and she executed the 
10 minute block nicely 
not bad for a beginner quilter :)   

a close up of the pattern we did on the 
10 minute Block quilt  

and now we move on to the final quilt
for Leanne
this one of all of them would
have to be my favorite....
That is if I had to choose 
I just love the Blue and crea
colour scheme...
she also wanted to have navy blue 
cotton and backing too...
as you can see below it 
 is just gorgeou 

this is the close up of the pattern Leanne Chose :) 
 it suited the quilt so well  

the quilt below was a class that i was teaching 
to some of the beginner patchworker's
this one we called orange passion 
as you can see it has lost of orange 
and it will be finished with rounded 
corners and orange binding 
it has a butterfly pattern all
over quilting...
and it was pieced by Janet.F   
of Nanango Qld...
I just love the colours 
and I can tell you that not many are 
a fan of the Colour orange...but this 
quilt made a few step out of their comfort Zone 
and as a teacher i am happy when people 
are looking out of the box :)      

 so by the time I have finished the post 
I will have done 6 quilts in total for 
the week and moving onto the 
7th quilt...
  and next week is looking 
very much the same....
with more quilts coming in daily...
I love my job and would not trade it for 
anything in the world..

I am very thankful to have found my Bliss 
that day I walk into that little fabric shop
called Milly's House of Craft 
here in Kingaroy...
that is where I got my start in quilting...
sadly that little shop has now closed 
but I am determind to keep the art of 
Quilting and Crafting alive for the 
younger and older generation alike  :) 

Happy Quilting <3 N