Friday, 9 May 2014

We have a Winner

I am running a bit behind with my up dates on the blog...:/
Last weekend it was show time here in Kingaroy 
very exciting stuff...

we attended the 2 days that the show was on
we were very excited as the Girls had entered 
into the quilting section :) 

and the Divine Miss N was putting her entry 
in too...going up against her Sister 

we got in the gate and all 3 of them were
off like a shot to the 
Needlework pavilion 

dragging me in
just so you know I am getting to old for that sort of thing 

but anyway we got there...i want to take it slow and look at 
all the entries ...but know i was whipped around in No time 

and the Results are in ") 

Miss Dj 
Got first prize her Quilt
First Prize for her cushion 

Miss S 
Got first prize for her Quilt 

And last but not least 
The Divine Miss N 
came in 3rd for her Quilt ") 
this is her very first quilt ever...she is so proud 
of herself too :) 

so all were happy 

Now some of the ladies from Class put in some 
entries too 

we have Sandra that got 1st for all her entries 
2 Quilts 
placemat set 
table runner 
the  following pics are from class 

Kathy who is very much new to the world of crafting and quilting 
got a 3rd place for her Bag she made in class 
2nd for her Tapestry cushion cover 

and then we had Eunice
she place in some things she made in class and got 
second and a lot of first for her clothing 
that she makes :)  

I am hoping in the near future that we can run a 
monthly class for Show items 
and we can all enter something 
next year to help support our local 
Kingaroy Show 

Bigger and Better I say
below are the pictures that i took at the 
show on Sunday :) 
of the above entries 
So what do you say ladies 
lets make Next years show Bigger and Better 
than this year :)  

Happy Quilting ") N


  1. Congratulations ladies and a big congratulations to Misses DJ, S and N, well done everyone everything is just beautiful!!

  2. Congrats to you and yours Nicole. Well done all, a fabulous result..