Friday, 23 May 2014

Truckin Quilt #39

well we have been at it again yep you guessed it 
more quilting 

today we were a showcasing Michele.E of New Zealand
 Michele is fairly new to the quilting 
world she was introduced to the hobby 
by her sister Debby.S 

and she has been happily quilting away 
this is the 3rd quilt that I have quilted
for Michele

so far all the quilts that i have done for her 
have had a truck theme
this one has photos of a truck on it 
it is the owners truck 
its a great way to make a memory quilt 
for a man :) 

so here you can see we have used a all over quilt pattern 
using a Truck quilt pattern 

we used cream thread on this particular
quilt ...we even managed to get some 
big rig backing fabric for this quilt 

I know that this will be loved by the owner for 
many years to come  

a simple pattern but an effective memory quilt 

Happy Quilting ") N

1 comment:

  1. Michele E sure did a top job, and the quilting really highlights the whole quilt :)