Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Quilt and Table Set #35 & #36

well I have been at yet again...
this time we are looking at 
what Debby.S of Nanango has been 
up to while Hubby is away at work ") 

first we have a simple little quilt that 
she has made for her Daughter Pia ")

her you can see the showcase of the beautiful 
animal prints 
we used a vrigated thread and an 
all over quilting design 
that looks bubbles or Elephant 
footprints LOL 
if you really stretch the imagination LOL

here is the final picture of the quilt I am sure that 
it will be loved by its new owner for many years to come 


Now we move onto another one of Debby's 
a table runner and placemat 
set she created

I love the look of simple 
yet elegant :) 

we used a simple stipple 
with a cream thread 

below is the full view of the set 
sooo pretty :) 

next we move onto a simple 
table setting for 2 
I believe this set was for her sister 
love the Asian them and the deep purple was
was just divine ") 

again we used a simple  stipple design
with a purple variegated cotton

anyway its time for me to get quilting again 
till next time 
Happy Quilting ") N

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  1. I love them all, they are amazing. I see vines that would hang down in the jungle hahahahaha whats that say about my imagination hahahhahaha Great work on both parts :)