Monday, 5 May 2014

Quilt #34 A Little twist

Well its been a couple weeks since my last 
post about the quilts that i have been doing...

Life has got a little hectic with Easter and school holidays
a few things fell by the way side...

but I quilted my little butt off right up till the day before Good Friday 
and then i took 10 days off YaY...

Anyway I forgot to show the quilts that i worked 
on just before Easter 

today we are showing some thing with a little twist 
Kylie of Kingaroy done this little number 
and gave it to me to quilt for her...

we used and all over pattern of Dragonflies 
using a light mint green thread top and you can see it turned out Just gorgeous 

if anyone is looking for the template that Kylie used 
we sell them on our eBay site 
you can find us here >>DarvanaleeDesignsQuiltingSupplies

here is the  finished quilt :) 

Now its on to the next quilt 
Happy Quilting ") N

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