Monday, 31 March 2014

Quilt # 23....WoW

WoW  where dose the time go we are already at the end of March 
can not believe it...time really dose frly when you are having fun ") 

anyway I have been at it again this time I have been Quilting 
for Debby's S of Nanango Qld

Debby amazes me with her ability for patch working 
she just loves it and you can see it in her work 
this week I will be blogging about her 2 latest quilts 
these quilts are great as they are stash busters 
and lets face it we all have an ever growing 
stash...I believe mine breeds in the basket LOL

anyway on the first one for the week I used a variegated 
thread in rainbow colours to match the brightness of the quilt 
we also have used an all over quilting design
of Butterflies...very cute even if I say so myself 

and Debby has added some applique flowers to the front 
just to dress it up a bit :) 

and on the back she has appliqued a Butterfly on the back 
instead of a label :) :) 

Love the colours in this quilt and would make any room pop 
with cheerfulness :) it will be one lucky Princess that receives this 
quilt :) 

thank you Debby for letting me be a part of your Quilting Journey :)
Happy Quilting ") N 

now to get going on Debby's next quilt another 
great stash buster quilt :) 

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